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Election Results for 2023 RUSA Board of Directors and RBA Liaison

RUSA is pleased to announce that Bill Bryant and Gardner Duvall have been elected to serve 3-year terms on the Board of Directors and that Rob Hawks has been re-elected as RBA Liaison for 2023. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the other candidates who stood for election. A special thanks, also, to Tim Sullivan and Dave Thompson, who will be stepping down at the end of the year, after serving as Treasurer and President, respectively. The election results are as follows:

For Regular Board Positions:

Chris Argo 120
Bill Bryant 311
Pete Dusel 93
Gardner Duvall 285
John Lee Ellis 262
Ryan Thompson 70
total votes 1141


For RBA Liaison:
Rob Hawks - 24


Treasurer Constitution Change: 614 votes total. 557 yes; 57 no => passed (2/3 required)

Many thanks, also, to Johnny Bertrand for managing this election, and to Dave Thompson for tallying!


Dynamic Results Filtering - Try it out!

You can now do your usual search for results with various filters (on rider, region, dates, ride type etc.). But now, once the results are displayed, you can then dynamically filter those results. Just click on "filter results" to expand:

and you'll see:

dynamic results filtering

It gives you a great way to slice and dice the result set you're interested in, in a quick way.  Thanks to the Web Team's Charlie Martin for coming up with this helpful feature!

Nov-Dec ACP brevets now possible in US

The Audax Club Parisien (ACP) calendar runs from November 1 to October 31.    Many randonneuring clubs worldwide, including RUSA, have traditionally run very few or no ACP events in November and December. RUSA is now opening up that blackout period; some regions have already scheduled events.  Check the calendar!

Note that for ACP Super Randonneur and PBP qualification, these are considered 2023 events.  For all RUSA awards, they count for the 2022 calendar year.  Yes, it’s confusing … C’est La vie!

2023 Board Election - Voting open until November 30

Election of Board of Directors and RBA Liaison take place from November 1st to November 30th. Please visit this year's Election Page to learn about the candidates and vote if you are an active member. Contact Dave Thompson at with any questions you may have.

Members may vote for Board of Directors candidates. RBAs may additionally vote for their RBA Liaison. RUSA sincerely thanks all of those who have stepped up to stand for election this year.

RUSA Board Nominations

These are the members who have been nominated and have accepted as of 12-Oct-2022. This list will be updated as accepted nominations come in.

    Regular Board Positions
11707   Chris Argo
7   Bill Bryant
25   Pete Dusel
5770   Gardner Duvall
153   John Lee Ellis
8393   Ryan Thompson
    RBA Liaison
2515   Rob Hawks

2023 Board Nominations

Nominations for the RUSA Board of Directors opened on October 1.

We are looking for members to run to be a board member and/or nominate another member(s). We encourage individuals of all identities (racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, ability, size, age, etc.) to apply. We are seeking members whose experience, expertise, perspective and passion will help us fulfill our mission. That might include experience with (in no particular order):

  • Passion and commitment to Randonneurs USA
  • Strategic thinking and visioning
  • Cultivating inclusive, diverse, and equitable community
  • Connections in the cycling community
  • Public relations, marketing and communications
  • Development and fiscal oversight

Your Board of Directors meets one time per month, virtually. The time commitment is variable, based on position and responsibility on special projects/committees. Board of directors act as representatives of Randonneurs USA and are responsible for ensuring we are executing our mission, being accountable to our membership, and keeping our organization healthy.

  • Board member responsibilities here
  • Mission, values, organizational objectives, strategic goals here

If you're interested and would like to inquire more, please reach out to any board member.  

Two positions on the RUSA Board of Directors will become available at the end of 2022. The terms of Dave Thompson and Tim Sullivan are expiring. Dave is not eligible for re-election. Tim will not be running for a second term. Members may nominate up to two current RUSA members to run for those two positions. The term limit is three years.  

To nominate a fellow member and/or yourself, you may email listing the member(s) you're nominating with their RUSA member number(s) and your contact information.

Additionally, the Regional Brevet Administrator Liaison (RBA-L) position is also open. This position is a one year term. Rob Hawks currently holds the position and is eligible for re-election. NOTE: Only Regional Brevet Administrators (RBA's) are eligible to nominate and vote for the RBA Liaison. 

Nominations must be received by October 20th, 2022.

Gravel Program is Active!

RUSA's new Gravel Initiative is now live!  

  • RBAs can create or update routes with unpaved miles, and schedule events using them.
  • Riders can get credit for the unpaved miles in their RUSA events (and SR600 rides).
  • Riders may get extra time to finish RUSA brevets and populaires with unpaved miles.

Thanks to Deb Banks for spearheading the Gravel Initiative and chairing the Gravel Committee to iron out the details. And thanks to Charlie Martin, with the RUSA Web Team, for the web and database enhancements.

Gravel Program Description and Details

gravel photo 1


New RUSA Google Group!

The RUSA Board is pleased to announce a new randonneurs-usa@ Google list for RUSA-specific discussions. This is intended to bridge the gap between regional lists and the global randon@ list. In addition to providing a forum for member-to-member communication within RUSA, this will serve as an additional channel for RUSA announcements. You need not be a current or past member of RUSA in order to join and participate, and you are free to join and leave as you please.

You can join the group here.

Please keep in mind the following rules when participating in this new group:

  1. Participants are expected to be civil and respectful towards each other and RUSA volunteers/officials.
  2. Inflammatory/disparaging personal remarks, off-topic posts, and unsolicited commercial email (spam) will not be tolerated and should not be posted to the group.  
  3. Do not join and post to this group with the sole purpose of selling something. If your first post is a for-sale post, you will be removed from this group immediately.
  4. To foster randonneuring community, consider signing your posts with your real name if you feel comfortable.
  5. At the discretion of the group administrators, non-compliance with these rules may result in either a private warning or immediate removal/banning from the group.

Store and Awards News

RUSA reflective vests are in short supply in many sizes. We are working to find a replacement vendor as the former vendor has disappeared.

ACP Randonneur 5000 applications for 2022 are now open. R-10000 applications are awaiting word on expected changes to the rules. We've not heard anything about medal deliveries from last year's orders.

ACP Super Randonneur Medals - We are still awaiting delivery of the 2021 SR medals. ACP has not received its order yet.