RUSA's New YouTube Channel!

We are excited to unveil our new Randonneurs USA YouTube channel AND the first of 5 short reels about randonneuring and Randonneurs USA, titled Why Randonneuring. ["Reels" because they are snippets of one larger video, but posted in bite-sized pieces.]  Our home page has the link under Quick Links:

Randonneurs USA YouTube channel

These were produced by Mercator Films, under the vision and leadership of Tim Sullivan (RUSA #28). Big thanks also to Dawn Piech for coordinating the effort, and to Ben Everett, our Instagram chairperson, for setting up the channel. We are cross-promoting on Instagram.

This initial content is designed to interest and engage folks who are just discovering randonneuring. So as members, please think of your non-rando friends who might enjoy our sport, and give them this link.

Future content could include our PBP Zoom seminars, and much more!

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