Recent Announcements

2015 American Randonneur Award

RUSA is pleased to announce that Vincent Muoneke is the recipient of the 2015 American Randonneur Award. Read the article in the current issue of American Randonneur.

Congratulations Vinny!

Brevet and Permanents Results Submission Update

Brevet results submission is offline while changes required by RUSA's new insurance scheme are incorporated.  The announcement will be made here and on the RBA list when it is again available.  We thank you for your patience.

Permanent results submission IS available.

NOTE: It is not working with the Internet Explorer browser.  No problems have been reported with other browsers.  We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to submit your permanent results.

This IE issue should now be resolved. If the submit button break again please re-open

RUSA Passings

Randonneurs USA is sad to report the passing of founding RUSA member # 346, Victor Gallo, of Melbourne Beach, Florida.

 Victor was 84, a member of the Spacecoast Freewheelers and a very accomplished, and respected long-distance cyclist.

We send our condolences to his wife Gladys, and his family.

RUSA Board Elects 2016 Officers

RUSA's governing body is pleased to announce the list of officers for 2016. The election was held during a board meeting in January:

  • President — Rob Hawks. Hawks, the RBA for the San Francisco region, was elected as president.
  • Vice President — John Lee Ellis. Ellis, the RBA for the Boulder region, was elected as vice-president.
  • Treasurer — Susan Otcenas. Otcenas, a Desert River Randonneurs member, was re-elected as treasurer.
  • Secretary — Lynne Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons, an Oregon Randonneurs member, was elected as secretary.

The 2016 board will be comprised of Deb Banks, John Lee Ellis, Lynne Fitzsimmons, Rob Hawks, Spencer Klaassen (RBA-Liaison), Susan Otcenas, and Mark Thomas.

The board extends its sincere appreciation to departing Board members Mike Dayton and Bill Beck, for their many years of service.

2016 Board Election Results

November 17, 2015

We are pleased to report that Deb Banks and John Lee Ellis have been elected to the RUSA Board of Directors. Spencer Klaassen has been re-elected as the RBA Liaison.

The vote tally for board candidates was:

  • Deb Banks: 311
  • Roland Bevan: 176
  • Dan Diehn: 83
  • John Lee Ellis: 241
  • Nigel Greene: 174
  • Luke Heller: 93

In voting for the RBA Liaison, these votes were recorded:

  • Spencer Klaassen: 26
  • John Lee Ellis: 1

Only RBAs can vote for RBA Liaison candidates.

We express our thanks to all of the candidates who stood for election this fall.

RUSA Annual Dues Increasing Today

October 1, 2015

RUSA annual dues are increasing to $25/individual, $40/household, effective today.

Super Randonneur Application Process Temporarily Not Functional

September 16, 2015

There is a bug in the Super Randonneur application process. We know about it, and are working feverishly to fix it. Your patience is deeply appreciated. We'll let you know when it is working.

RUSA Board of Directors and RBA Representative Elections

September 9, 2015

It is time again for our annual elections. For a copy of the ballot and to read about the candidates, visit this page..

Please review the online Candidate Statements and use the online ballot to cast your votes.

You can also mail the ballot in the American Randonneur.

Ballots are due by November 15.