Local and International Randonneuring Organizations

Below are some links to cycling organizations that may be of interest to the randonneur. Links to personal web sites with first-hand ride stories may be of value for those randonneurs contemplating an event.

American Links

Adirondack Ultra Cycling
Randonneuring in the Saratoga and Adirondack Regions of Upstate NY.
Alabama Randonneurs
Enjoy the beautiful roads of Sweet Home Alabama.
Alaska Randonneurs
Brevets in the Far North.
Arizona Brevets
Randonneuring in the Grand Canyon state.
Audax Atlanta
Randonneuring in Georgia.
Audax Kansas City
Randonneuring in Kansas and Missouri.
Berkshire Brevets
Randonneuring in Western Massachusetts.
Bicycle for Life
Randonneuring in Central and Western North Carolina.
Central Florida Randonneurs
Brevet series in Central Florida.
DC Randonneurs
Randonneuring in the Washington, D.C. area.
Davis Bike Club
Randonneuring in Northern California. Home of the Gold Rush Randonnée.
Desert River Randonneurs
Randonneuring in SE Washington and NE Oregon.
Detroit Randonneurs
Randonneuring in Southeastern Michigan.
Randonneuring in Central/Western NY
Driftless Randonneurs
Long-distance cycling in and around western Wisconsin.
Falls Area Randonneurs
Randonneuring in and around the Sioux Falls, SD area.
Great Lakes Randonneurs
Randonneuring in the western Great Lakes region.
Harpeth Bicycle Club
Randonneuring in Middle Tennessee.
Hill Country Randonneurs
Randonneuring in Central Texas.
Houston Randonneurs
Randonneuring in southeastern Texas.
Humboldt Randonneurs
Randonneuring In Northern California. 
Indiana Randonneurs
Long-distance cycling in Indiana.
Iowa Randonneurs
Long-distance cycling in and around central Iowa.
League of American Bicyclists
The LAB is a national organization of cyclists, founded in 1880 as the League of American Wheelmen.
Lone Star Randonneurs
Randonneuring around Dallas, TX.
Long Island Randonneurs
Randonneuring on Long Island, New York.
Louisville Cycling Club
Randonneuring in Kentucky.
Minnesota Randonneurs
Organized to support randonneuring in Minnesota.
Montana Brevets
Randonneuring in Big Sky Country.
NE Florida Randonneurs
Home of the Golden Falcon 1200k!
Nebraska Sandhills Randonneurs
Long-distance, unsupported, non-competitive, endurance cycling in the Sandhills of Nebraska.
New England Randonneurs
Randonneuring in New England.
New Jersey Brevet Series
Randonneuring in New York City/New Jersey regions.
Northern Virginia Randonneurs
Randonneuring in the Northern Virginia region.
Ohio Randonneurs
The Ohio Randonneurs, presenting brevets, winter centuries and other special events in central Ohio.
Onondaga Cycling Club
Central New York Randonneuring.
Oregon Randonneurs
Permanents and brevets in the Portland region.
PA Randonneurs
Randonneuring in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.
PAC Tour
Randonneuring and long distance training camps. Ride Brevet Week or do a cross country with PAC Tour.
Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs
Randonneuring in Southern California's Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Pittsburgh Randonneurs
Randonneuring in Western Pennsylvania
Quad Cities Randonneurs
Randonneuring in Eastern Iowa and Northern Illinois
Rocky Mountain Cycling Club
Randonneuring in Colorado. Home of the Last Chance and Colorado High Country 1200ks.
Salt Lake Randonneurs
Randonneuring in Utah and Southern Idaho.
San Diego Randonneurs
A full brevet schedule in San Diego, California.
Santa Rosa Randonneurs
North SF Bay/California wine country brevet-style bicycle adventures.
San Francisco Randonneurs
A full brevet schedule in the San Francisco, California area.
San Luis Obispo Randonneurs
We ride long distance in the California Central Coast, in San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara counties.
Santa Cruz Randonneurs
Offering randonneuring events in the Santa Cruz, California area.
Seattle International Randonneurs
Randonneuring in Washington state. Home of the Cascade 1200.
South Florida Randonneurs
Year-round randonneuring in the southernmost part of the Sunshine State.
Ultra Marathon Cycling Association
Marathon cycling in the USA and around the world.
Willamette Randonneurs
Randonneuring in the southern Willamette Valley of Oregon.

International Links

Alberta Randonneurs
The Alberta Randonneurs offer brevets in central Canada.
Audax Australia
Randonneuring in Australia.
Audax Brasília
Randonneuring in Brazil (in Portugese).
Audax Club Parisien
Home of the Paris-Brest-Paris.
Audax Ireland
Randonneuring in Ireland.
Audax Japan
Randonneuring in Japan (in Japanese).
Audax Randonneurs Danemark
Randonneuring in Denmark (in Danish).
Audax UK
The long distance cyclists' association in the United Kingdom. Great photo gallery.
BC Randonneurs
Information on British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club. Excellent PBP information.
Euraudax Randonnée Nederland
Randonneuring in the Netherlands (English translation is available).
Prairie Randonneurs, Inc.
Prairie Randonneurs Inc, Saskatchewan, Canada. Offers brevets in central Canada.
The Official BRM randonneuring organization for Belgium. In French and Flemish only.
Randonneurs Mondiaux
Randonneuring worldwide. Official web site for Randonneurs Mondiaux. Information in several languages.
Randonneurs Nova Scotia
Randonneuring in eastern Canada.
Randonneurs Ontario
Randonneuring in several areas of Ontario.