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Randonneur 5000 and Randonneur 10000 Applications for 2023

Randonneur 5000 and Randonneur 10000 applications are sent to ACP annually in October.

Using PBP'23 Towards R-5000/R-10000

If you are planning on submitting one or both of these applications using your 2023 PBP results, we need your plate number to load your results so that you can submit the application through the RUSA website.  All applications will be automated using our website. No PDF form submissions.

Use this form to let us know your PBP'23 plate number (i.e., frame#). We need this form no later than September 30.

Note: You do not need to use your PBP'23 finish if you have a prior PBP finish (e.g., PBP'19) within the award time period, and that you haven't used for a previous R-5000 or R-10000 respectively. You can then save your PBP'23 finish for a future award.

For All R-5000/R-10000 Applicants

You will have a window between October 2 through 15 to submit your applications and purchase the awards through the RUSA website. You must both apply and purchase the award for ACP submission and recognition for R-5000 and R-10000.

R-5000 medal

R-10000 Medal

RUSA's New YouTube Channel!

We are excited to unveil our new Randonneurs USA YouTube channel AND the first of 5 short reels about randonneuring and Randonneurs USA, titled Why Randonneuring. ["Reels" because they are snippets of one larger video, but posted in bite-sized pieces.]  Our home page has the link under Quick Links:

Randonneurs USA YouTube channel

These were produced by Mercator Films, under the vision and leadership of Tim Sullivan (RUSA #28). Big thanks also to Dawn Piech for coordinating the effort, and to Ben Everett, our Instagram chairperson, for setting up the channel. We are cross-promoting on Instagram.

This initial content is designed to interest and engage folks who are just discovering randonneuring. So as members, please think of your non-rando friends who might enjoy our sport, and give them this link.

Future content could include our PBP Zoom seminars, and much more!

YouTube thumbnail

ACP Centenary 400k medals available

The ACP Centenary 400k medal is now available in the RUSA Store. If you finished a US ACP 400k calendared for July 22, in a region where the RBA is not supplying medals to finishers, you may purchase yours from RUSA Store.

Enter your RUSA# to see the Centenary link to click on below.

400k link

Medals are scheduled to be mailed in the fall.

ACP Centenary 400k medal

New RUSA Jersey and Reflective Vests - Order by June 26

Show your Randonneurs USA Pride with some new swag!

RUSA is excited to announce a new national jersey, which also includes matching arm warmers, knee warmers, vests, caps, shorts and jackets. There are two full kits on offer: a blue option and a pink option.

In addition to the kits, we have three colors of reflective vests available, orange, yellow and pink. The reflective vests have three pockets in the back, a two way zipper and are made of technical fabric. They are race cut so fit tighter than club cut vests. So you may consider sizing up when worn over a jersey with full rear pockets and/or over a long sleeved jersey. For sizing comparison, these reflective vests are sized the same as Voler non-RUSA reflective vests. They are compliant with Paris-Brest-Paris rules, in terms of hi vis and square inches of reflective material (but are not EN 1150 or EN ISO 20471 certified).  The back has RANDONNEURS USA and flag and the front left chest has the RUSA logo.  

Place your orders directly with Voler (links below).

The ordering window closes June 26th. Orders will be shipped Aug 4th.

Questions, feel free to reach out to Dan Driscoll at or (817) 925-0158.

For specific questions on the products/sizing please contact Ralph Juarez with Voler directly at 800-488-6537 ext. 216

Thank you to everyone who worked on these designs, development and initiative, with a special shout out of gratitude to Amy Gumprecht (#11669).

NOTE:  For each of these five categories we will need orders for 25 items, for that category to go into production. For the kits, a combination of gloves, caps, jerseys, shorts will all count toward the 25 minimum. If you order a vest in a color that does not make the minimum 25 count once the ordering window closes, you will have the option to either get a refund or move your order to a different color. Browse and order via these links:

All Offering Categories

Yellow Hi Vis RUSA Reflective Vest

Orange Hi Vis RUSA Reflective Vest

Pink Hi Vis RUSA Reflective Vest

Pink RUSA National Kit

Blue RUSA National Kit


vests + jerseys



PBP'23 Update: Pre-Registration Slots and What To Do

Rob Hawks, our RBA Liaison, reports:

At this point, there are no slots left in the 90 hour group for riders on regular bikes. I suspect the same is true for the 80 hour group as well. The webpage shows slots in those groups in very low numbers (see below), however those are almost certainly for special bikes or may be reserved internally in some other way. There are abundant slots left in the 84 hour group. If you want to complete *pre-registration* the best advice to give right now is to select a slot in that 84 hour group, continue to complete your 2023 qualifiers, and on or after May 27th, convert to full registration and hope that there are openings as some pre-registrants decide to drop out. You have until later in June to convert to full registration so you don't lose anything on May 28th.

Additionally, now is a good time to point out that any one capable of completing a 90 hour PBP is very likely able to complete an 84 hour PBP given that one would begin the 84 hour start with a full night's sleep and would be riding PBP in more daylight hours than those in the 90 hour group.

There will be a RUSA sponsored PBP Prep seminar on Sunday, April 2nd, 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, that will primarily be about the Bag Drop Services offered by some RUSA members, but will also include a short segment by Mark Thomas on what to expect next for those that have pre-registered. if you have seen Mark's previous presentations in the PBP Prep seminar series, you know it will be thorough. 

Rob has already posted details about this webinar. It will be recorded, in case you can't make the live session, or wish to review.





Date Time limit Remaining places
20/08 80h00 5
20/08 90h00 24
21/08 84h00 408

Debra Banks awarded RUSA's 2022 American Randonneur Award

The RUSA Board has chosen Debra Banks as recipient of the American Randonneur Award for 2022, from among nominations submitted by RUSA members. 

Each year, the Board "presents an award to a member of the organization who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to randonneuring in the United States" as described on the ARA info page, from among those nominated by RUSA members.

Deb has been RBA for the Davis, CA region since 2017 and in that time has organizer two editions of the Gold Rush Randonnée 1200k. She is a veteran of two PBPs, and five US 1200k's.  She chaired the New Permanents Committee, which brought the Perms program back to life, and streamlined registering for, riding, and reporting results. Deb is also chair of the Gravel Committee, whose provisions RUSA has adopted to create its Gravel Program.

Congratulations, Deb!  

When presented with the award, Deb shared: “I was completely blown away and surprised (actually, truly speechless), when RUSA President, Bill Bryant presented this award to me just before the start of our Super Bowl Populaire (which was a gravel ride!). Thank you to the RUSA Board for selecting me as the 2022 recipient of the American Randonneur award. It is a huge honor to stand among the 20 other recipients including past Davis RBAs, Dan Shadoan and Daryn Dodge! Our sport has changed my life. I love our Rando-community and all of the friends I have made over the years worldwide. I am inspired every weekend by the adventures our community participates in, as we rise to the challenges each ride provides. My Rando-heart is full.”  

Debra Banks


Election Results for 2023 RUSA Board of Directors and RBA Liaison

RUSA is pleased to announce that Bill Bryant and Gardner Duvall have been elected to serve 3-year terms on the Board of Directors and that Rob Hawks has been re-elected as RBA Liaison for 2023. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the other candidates who stood for election. A special thanks, also, to Tim Sullivan and Dave Thompson, who will be stepping down at the end of the year, after serving as Treasurer and President, respectively. The election results are as follows:

For Regular Board Positions:

Chris Argo 120
Bill Bryant 311
Pete Dusel 93
Gardner Duvall 285
John Lee Ellis 262
Ryan Thompson 70
total votes 1141


For RBA Liaison:
Rob Hawks - 24


Treasurer Constitution Change: 614 votes total. 557 yes; 57 no => passed (2/3 required)

Many thanks, also, to Johnny Bertrand for managing this election, and to Dave Thompson for tallying!


Dynamic Results Filtering - Try it out!

You can now do your usual search for results with various filters (on rider, region, dates, ride type etc.). But now, once the results are displayed, you can then dynamically filter those results. Just click on "filter results" to expand:

and you'll see:

dynamic results filtering

It gives you a great way to slice and dice the result set you're interested in, in a quick way.  Thanks to the Web Team's Charlie Martin for coming up with this helpful feature!

Nov-Dec ACP brevets now possible in US

The Audax Club Parisien (ACP) calendar runs from November 1 to October 31.    Many randonneuring clubs worldwide, including RUSA, have traditionally run very few or no ACP events in November and December. RUSA is now opening up that blackout period; some regions have already scheduled events.  Check the calendar!

Note that for ACP Super Randonneur and PBP qualification, these are considered 2023 events.  For all RUSA awards, they count for the 2022 calendar year.  Yes, it’s confusing … C’est La vie!