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Janice Chernekoff Selected for 2020 ARA

The RUSA Board has selected Janice Chernekoff for the 2020 American Randonneur Award, for her years of service as editor of American Randonneur magazine. 

Each year, the Board "presents an award to a member of the organization who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to randonneuring in the United States" as described on the ARA info page, from among those nominated by RUSA members.

Congratulations, Janice!  Highly deserved.

2021 Board Officers Chosen

The RUSA Board has chosen officers for 2021:

  • Dave Thompson - president
  • Debra Banks - vice president
  • Dan Driscoll - treasurer
  • Tim Sullivan - secretary

Thanks to Dave, Deb, Dan, and Tim for undertaking these responsibilities!  The rest of the 2020 Board comprises:

  • John Lee Ellis
  • Dawn Piech
  • Rob Hawks - RBA Liaison

Election Results for 2021 RUSA Board of Directors and RBA Liaison

RUSA is pleased to announce that Dan Driscoll and Dawn Piech have been elected to serve 3-year terms on the Board of Directors and that Rob Hawks has been elected as RBA Liaison for 2021. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the other candidates who stood for election. A special thanks, also, to Lois Springsteen, Cap'n John Ende and Pete Dusel who will be stepping down at the end of the year. The election results are as follows:

For Regular Board Positions:

Dan Driscoll: 222
Dawn Piech: 180
Bill Bryant: 156
Dan Diehn: 123
Jan Acuff: 107
Joel Lawrence: 84
Pete Dusel: 59
Andrew Mead:36
John Peltier: 20

For RBA Liaison:
Rob Hawks: 24
Michele Brougher: 18

Applying for P-12s having 2020 Scenarios

You may now apply for an P-12 using months after the Perms program resumed (8/2020 and later) and/or make-ups from the 12/2019-3/2020 period. Consult this announcement for details. You apply in the usual way via the link on the P-12 details page.

Questions?  Contact

Thanks again to the RUSA Web Team!

Applying for R-12s having 2020 Scenarios

You may now apply for an R-12 using months after the Perms program resumed (8/2020 and later) and/or make-ups from the 12/2019-3/2020 period. Consult this announcement for details. You apply in the usual way via the link on the R-12 details page.

P-12 support will be coming along next.

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2021 Election

Election of Board of Directors and RBA Liaison take place from November 1st to December 15th. Please visit this year's Election Page to learn about the candidates and vote if you are an active member. Contact Dave Thompson at with any questions you may have.

Members may vote for Board of Directors candidates and RBAs may vote for their RBA Liaison. RUSA sincerely thanks all of those who have stepped up to stand for election this year.

RUSA Sanctioning Some October Events

For October, RUSA is sanctioning events and perms up to a nominal 600 km in distance, excluding team events (Darts, Arrows, Flèches). For example, a 615 km Super Randonnée 600 perm route or an ACP 600k brevet using a 610 km route would be ok. This is up from a 325 km limit in September.

As before, to organize these, a region:

  • must have submitted a pandemic / virus plan for safely organizing events,
  • must respect local guidelines and restrictions in how the events are run.

2021 Board Nominations

Two positions on the RUSA Board of Directors will become available at the end of the year.  The terms of Capn John Ende and Lois Springsteen are expiring.  They are both eligible for re-election.

Members may nominate up to two current RUSA members to run for those two positions.

Additionally, RBAs may nominate an RBA for the position of RBA Liaison. NY: Central/Western RBA Peter Dusel currently holds this position and is eligible for re-election.

A nomination form can be found on-line here.  

Email nominations to or mail the form to:

Lois Springsteen
226 West Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Nominations must be received by October 15, 2020

RUSA Awards Update

With the resumption of permanents on August 1 and events on September 1, members can now resume pursuing RUSA awards!

RUSA Cup, R-12, and P-12 are the only awards that aren't "business as usual".  These awards have special provisions to accommodate time lost during the event outage March - July and the perm outage from December, 2019 through July, 2020.

RUSA Cup - Your RUSA Cup has a one year extension (i.e., 3 years total) if your period to qualify includes part or all of 2020.  For example, if your first counting event was 6/15/2018, you now have through 6/14/2021 to qualify (rather than 6/14/2020).

R-12 / P-12 - For a series begun in any month from 1/2019 through 3/2020:

  1. Your rides prior to 12/2019 must be in contiguous months.
  2. In the period 12/2019 - 3/2020, you may count up to four rides (ridden in any of these months) as part of your 12-ride series .
  3. In the period 4/2020 - 7/2020, no rides count.
  4. You can resume your series in any month from 8/2020 through 1/2021. Once you have ridden a qualifying ride in one of those months, the subsequent counting months must be contiguous - no breaks - until completing your 12-ride series.

Example: Your streak started 9/2019, and you rode qualifying rides in 9/2019, 10/2019, 11/2019, and 2/2020 (but missed December and January).

  • You now have 4 months in your series.
  • If you resume in 9/2020, you now need 9/2020, 10/2020, 11/2020, 12/2020, 1/2021, 2/2021, 3/2021, and 4/2021 (8 more months, which must be contiguous).