Randonneur 5000 and Randonneur 10000 Applications for 2023

Randonneur 5000 and Randonneur 10000 applications are sent to ACP annually in October.

Using PBP'23 Towards R-5000/R-10000

If you are planning on submitting one or both of these applications using your 2023 PBP results, we need your plate number to load your results so that you can submit the application through the RUSA website.  All applications will be automated using our website. No PDF form submissions.

Use this form to let us know your PBP'23 plate number (i.e., frame#). We need this form no later than September 30.

Note: You do not need to use your PBP'23 finish if you have a prior PBP finish (e.g., PBP'19) within the award time period, and that you haven't used for a previous R-5000 or R-10000 respectively. You can then save your PBP'23 finish for a future award.

For All R-5000/R-10000 Applicants

You will have a window between October 2 through 15 to submit your applications and purchase the awards through the RUSA website. You must both apply and purchase the award for ACP submission and recognition for R-5000 and R-10000.

R-5000 medal

R-10000 Medal