Gravel Launch for Perms - Coming February 1

With the success of the gravel program started in 2021, we are now expanding offerings to the Permanents program. We think this will bring new routes, new challenges and new adventures for anyone wanting to jump off the pavement. You know what they say, “pavement ends, fun begins” and the fun will begin when you add routes into the perm library, or update unpaved distance for existing perms. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Submit a NEW gravel perm route, one that is completely new to Permanents.

2. UPDATE a route already in the permanent library that has unpaved distance - This form verifies the unpaved distance, so you can ride with the extra time bonus and accumulate unpaved distance credit.   

3.REACTIVATE a perm from the old Permanents program into the new Permanents library - Dust off that old route and resubmit it into the new Permanents library. You will be able to supply unpaved distance for the reactivated route using form.

The sooner riders submit routes, the more routes are available to earn unpaved distance credit and future trinkets. Unpaved roads open up 1000s of miles of riding options. Let’s explore - Rando-style!

► Gravel program details - will be updated with Perms details soon.

Gravel Program