Rider Stories

Below are some links to personal web sites containing stories and other information of interest. First-hand accounts of rides are sometimes quite valuable to the randonneur who is contemplating doing an event for the first time. The RUSA newsletter archive also has many ride reports.

RUSA Blogs

  • RUSA Blogs is a privately-maintained collection of links to Randonneur blogs across the United States.

Charles "Chip" Coldwell

Max Poletto's 2003 Boston Brevet Reports

Jim Bradbury

Matthew Chachère

Chris Wilby

The Blayleys

  • John and Pamela share great PBP and BMB information and also excellent equipment tips for lighting and other things of interest to the randonneur.

Harriet Fell

Kent Peterson

  • Kent Peterson is one of randonneuring's best writers and his ride reports are very good.