Tim Sullivan awarded 2023 American Randonneur Award!

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have awarded the 2023 American Randonneur Award to Tim Sullivan (#28). Tim has been volunteering since our earliest days and started randonneuring in 1994 with Boston Montreal Boston (BMB). He has served on the Board many years and has also provided us with key legal counsel on various matters that have helped us become a successful sporting organization. 

Upon receiving the award, Tim shared: "Thank you to the Board for the American Randonneur Award. I feel honored to join a list of prior recipients who I have always respected for the work on behalf of RUSA. Volunteering for RUSA has always been a pleasure because of the camaraderie of our sport. Be it from volunteering at a local brevet, assisting RBAs, or working on the Board. It is one of the things that makes our niche aspect of bicycling unique and what I have enjoyed for the past 30 years. Volunteering for RUSA has never felt like work."

Additional details will be in the next issue of our American Randonneur magazine.

Tim Sullivan - ARA