Recent Announcements

RUSA Board of Directors and RBA Representative Elections

September 17, 2014

It is time again for our annual elections. For a copy of the ballot and to read about the candidates, visit /pages/vote-0.

PLEASE NOTE: The online PDF has one additional Board candidate whose bio was not included in the newsletter. Please review the online Candidate Statements and use the online ballot to cast your votes.

You can also use the revised ballot you received in the mail.

Ballots are due by November 15.

RUSA PBP 2015 Jersey Design Contest!

RUSA needs your help! We are looking for a design for our PBP 2015 jersey. Ideally the design would make RUSA riders easily recognizable as part of the American team participating in the event. (The ACP will offer an event jersey.)

The RUSA member with the winning design will get bragging rights and a free jersey.

Design entries must include the front and back of the jersey. Design artwork is preferred in vector format as a PDF, Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) EPS file (.eps) or .svg file. The design must include the RUSA logo and the PBP logo. The words Randonneurs USA (or RUSA) and Paris Brest Paris (or PBP) must be incorporated into the design.

Submit your design via e-mail to by December 31, 2014.

American Randonneur Award Nominations — Deadline Extended to February 1

January 10, 2014

Many RUSA members are still receiving their Winter 2013 issue of American Randonneur. So we‘ve extended the deadline for the American Randonneur Award nominations until February 1.

The American Randonneur Award is presented to a RUSA member who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to randonneuring in the United States. The award recipient can be an RBA who has dramatically increased brevet participation, a hard-working RUSA volunteer, or someone who has helped randonneuring flourish by a selfless act, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, or by being a good Samaritan.

To nominate someone, please use the form on page 60 in the latest issue of American Randonneur. You can also find information on RUSA‘s website at

RUSA Board Elects 2014 Officers

January 9, 2014

RUSA's governing body is pleased to announce the list of officers for 2014. The election was held during a board meeting on Jan. 8:

  • President — Mike Dayton. A North Carolina randonneur, Dayton was re-elected as RUSA's president.
  • Vice President — Rob Hawks. Hawks, the RBA for the San Francisco region, was re-elected as vice-president.
  • Treasurer — Eric Vigoren. Vigoren, an SIR member, was re-elected as treasurer, a position he has held for several years.
  • Secretary — Lynne Fitzsimmons. Fitzsimmons, a member of Oregon Randonneurs, replaces Bill Beck as RUSA's secretary.

The 2013 board will be comprised of Beck, Dayton, Fitzsimmons, Hawks, Spencer Klaassen (RBA-Liaison), Mark Thomas, and Vigoren.

The board extends its sincere appreciation to departing Board members John Lee Ellis and Lois Springsteen for their many years of service to RUSA.

K-Hound Award Becomes a RUSA Honor

December 4, 2013

RUSA's governing body has voted, in cooperation with the Lone Star Randonneurs, to officially adopt the K-Hound Award.

That means RUSA members who rode 10,000Km or more of qualifying events in 2013 will be able to apply online for the award through the RUSA website. They'll also be able to purchase a K-Hound Award through the RUSA store.

The application period for the 2013 K-Hound trophy will run from January 1 to January 31, 2014.

The term "K-Hound" was coined by 9 Lone Star Randonneurs in 2006, when they decided that with camaraderie and fun, 10,000 K would be an easy goal for 2007. Dallas RBA Dan Driscoll launched the K-Hound Award in 2007 as a way to honor riders who have accumulated 10,000Km in RUSA events, PBP and other RM-sanctioned events during a calendar year.

Since then, The K-Hound Klub has grown every year in popularity, with over 200 K-Hound Awards earned by 83 different members, 21 of them women. More than 40 members will be eligible for the award in 2013, including 12 who are earning it for the first time. "Lone Star Randonneurs are proud to donate The K-hound Klub to RUSA, knowing it will be nurtured and promoted, with proper recognition", Driscoll said.

The award page is HERE.

2013 Board Election Results

November 18, 2013

We are pleased to report that Lynne Fitzsimmons has been elected and that Mark Thomas has been reelected to the RUSA Board of Directors. Spencer Klaassen has been elected as the RBA Liaison.

The vote tally for board candidates was: Bill Bryant: 148; Janice Chernekoff: 65; John Lee Ellis 152; Lynne Fitzsimmons 204; and Mark Thomas 245.

In voting for the RBA Liaison, these votes were recorded: Spencer Klassen 20; and Bob Riggs 9. Only RBAs can vote for RBA Liaison candidates.

We express our thanks to all of the candidates who stood for election this fall.

Robert Lepertel (1924-2013)

Randonneurs USA mourns the loss of Audax Club Parisien Past President Robert Lepertel (1924-2013).

Super Randonnée 600k Update

After much deliberation, the RUSA Board has decided it's best for the ACP to manage their SR 600k relationships with riders and route owners without our involvement.

TO ROUTE APPLICANTS: If you wish to list your route with the ACP, you'll need to work with them directly. Info on the ACP program and contacts is HERE.

Here's what we think your duties and interactions would be with the ACP, but as their policies are evolving, you should check with them:

  • Getting ACP route approval for your route and cue sheet.
  • Having your control card design approved by the ACP, or ordering control cards from them.
  • Producing bike placards to be placed on riders' bike frames, or ordering them from the ACP.
  • Making sure each rider is properly insured (RUSA insurance not an option) and has executed a proper waiver.
  • Sending photographic and other ride validation evidence to the ACP on request.
  • Paying your ride fees to the ACP (5 euros/ride).
  • Submitting your results to the ACP at end of season (10/31).
  • Getting back the homologation numbers from them and providing them to your riders.
  • Making sure riders understand that they will get no RUSA credit (e.g., no RUSA Distance, R-12, etc.).
  • Being aware that there may be restrictions on what shape your route may take.
  • Being aware that your route may not be approved if there's already an approved route in that area or for other reasons
  • Being aware that your route may be approved initially but de-approved later if another route comes along later in your area that the ACP prefers.

TO RIDERS: If you are interested in riding a US or other Super Randonnée route:

  • You can find info on the program and routes available HERE.
  • You will be dealing with the route owner and potentially with the ACP.
  • Study the rules for support, photo validation, frame badge display, etc., as they're different from those for normal Permanents.
  • Make some arrangement to be covered by insurance.
  • There is no RUSA credit or result listing for your ride.

RUSA PROGRAM: We have seen a fair amount of interest in a RUSA domestic program, unrelated to the ACP one, and so we're exploring that option now.

Thanks to everyone who's shown interest in this concept, and happy riding!

2012 Board Election Results

The vote tally for board candidates was: Bill Beck: 135; Mike Dayton: 199; Paul Johnson: 93; Tom Rosenbauer: 123; and Paul Rozelle: 88.

In voting for the RBA Liaison, these votes were recorded: John Lee Ellis: 13; Bob Riggs: 9. Only RBAs can vote for RBA Liaison candidates.

We express our thanks to all of the candidates who stood for election this fall.