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20th Anniversary Apparel, Patches & Medals

RUSA 20th Anniversary Items!

We are pleased to offer these commemorative items for purchase, to earn, or simply to receive, in celebration of our 20th Anniversary:

  • jerseys and caps, plus a new non-20th-anniversary cap, which you can purchase now directly from Voler,
  • commemorative patches - sent to members with a purchase from the RUSA Store, and handed out on events by RBAs who order them,
  • commemorative medals -  presented for completing a qualifying event in August.

Jerseys and Caps - Order these directly from Voler. You can see these and our other offerings - and place your order for these items - at Voler's RUSA Collection page.  The new 20th Anniversary jerseys and caps are color coordinated to match between caps and jerseys, and the 20th Anniversary items and the "national" jerseys, shorts, and caps, so you can mix and match freely.  

The jerseys are available in men's and women's, and race and club cuts.

20th Anniversary Jersey

20th Anniversary Cap:
20th Anniversary Cap
"Regular" Cap:
"Regular" Cap

​Commemorative Patches - If you make a purchase in the RUSA Store, a patch will be included with your order (one patch per member)​, while supplies last​.​ A reminder about Store orders that more than one volunteer may ​be involved fulfilling parts of your order, so your patch may be in one of those multiple shipments.

RBAs can also order patches to hand out at their events. They can do that throughout the season.

20th Anniversary Patch

Commemorative Medals - If you ride a RUSA 1200k in August, or any event on the RUSA calendar the week of Monday, August 13 through Sunday August 19, you will be presented a medal.

One medal per rider. Calendared events only, permanents not included.​

20th Anniversary Medal
We hope these items will help celebrate our 20th Anniversary, and that many of you will enjoy wearing the cap and jersey!


Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 Info from Audax Club Parisien

The ACP has now published details about PBP'19, including start times, qualifying, and pre-registration opportunities based on your longest ACP or RM randonnée in 2018. We've uploaded this document - under "2019 PBP Brochure (english)" to our PBP Wiki, which is full of info about PBP, including bagdrop and other options available to you. So please have a look!

American Randonneur Printing Glitch

A few members have reported that their copy of the Spring issue of American Randonneur contains duplicate pages in place of some missing ones. We are working with the printer to address this. For any of you whose copy of the magazine has this issue, please let us know by writing to You will be sent a correct copy. We apologize for your inconvenience.

Shab Memarbashi Honored with 2017 American Randonneur Award

Shab has been volunteer par excellence at 1200k's around the world and brevets in Florida and along the East Coast. Always ready to pitch in and make a difference for every rider, we laud her years of service in what is an essential part of our sport: supportive, skilled, and energetic volunteers. 

Thank you, Shab!

Shab at ARA presentation

Shab at ARA presentation


2018 RUSA Officers Elected

The RUSA board elected its officers for 2018 at its January meeting on the 10th:

  • President - John Lee Ellis
  • Vice President - Debra Banks
  • Treasurer - Dave Thompson
  • Secretary - Lois Springsteen

In addition to these, our 2018 board consists of John Cap'n Ende, Nigel Greene, and Jake Kassen (RBA Liaison).

The board extends its sincere appreciation to departing board members Susan Otcenas and Paul Rozelle.

New RUSA Wool Jersey - group order deadline January 14

We're now collecting a group order for some new, super nice, wool RUSA short sleeve jerseys direct from Spain. In a nutshell, we're accepting orders via the RUSA Store to submit to Cima Coppi on Jan 14th for expected delivery around Feb 28th. By grouping the orders, we're able to save about $35 per jersey. 

Order now on the RUSA Store (under apparel, scroll down): 

We think the jerseys are really snappy -- the colors are bold and the graphics are subtle. (See images below.)

Two short sleeve jerseys are being offered:

  • Light Weight ("Ultralight"): This is a 97% merino wool jersey cut like a synthetic -- full zip front, three pockets on the back, elastic waistband, snug fit. Many people say this is their favorite jersey. 
  • Mid Weight: A more traditional 100% merino wool jersey with 1/4 zip front and three pockets back but not heavy and thick like some "classic" jerseys.

Both are available in Women's and Men's cut in a variety of sizes. Pay close attention to the sizing chart -- we've been told they run snug so consider going a size up if you prefer a looser jersey.  

Fine Print:

  • For each fabric type (light and midweight), we need to collect at least 25 orders or the order will be canceled and riders refunded in full.  
  • After the cut-off date of Jan 14th you can still order direct from Cima Coppi ( but you'll need to pay the retail price of approx. $175 / $150 with shipping and use a credit card that handles Euro payments.
  • Postage directly from Spain is included in the RUSA store price. 
  • RUSA is using its store to simplify collecting the orders and payment in US Dollars. Otherwise the order is being handled directly by Cima Coppi. RUSA won't be able to offer exchanges, refunds, etc. 
  • There are no plans to organize another group purchase. If you want to order with a big discount, now's the time. 

Finally, huge thanks to RUSA's treasurer Dave Thompson who's doing the hard part of working with Cima Coppi, processing the group order, etc. 

Wool Jersey
Lightweight Wool Jersey
Midweight Wool Jersey
Midweight Wool Jersey


2018 Board Election Results Posted

Vote tallies for the 2018 RUSA Board elections are as follows:

Regular Board Positions (from 468 members voting):

242  Pete Dusel
277  John "Capn" Ende
309  Lois Springsteen

RBA Liaison (from 30 RBAs voting):

30   Jake Kassen

So John Ende and Lois Springsteen will be filling three-year terms for the two available normal board positions, while Jake Kassen will be filling the one-year RBA Liaison position.

Many thanks to Pete, John, Lois, and Jake for being willing to stand for election and serve RUSA. 



Electronic Proof of Passage now an option for Permanent rides

The RUSA Board has approved allowing electronic devices to be used to provide proof of passage on RUSA Permanent rides, subject to certain requirements, and so long as both the perm owner and the rider agree.

Traditional validation - receipts, info controls, etc. - are always acceptable. Details in the Rules for Permanent Riders and Rules for Permanent Route Owners. We hope this will provide a convenient alternative for those riders and route owners interested in using it. 

If you have questions after reading the rules, you can submit them to

2018 Events Approved

The RUSA Board has approved events submitted thus far for 2018. This includes ACP- and RM-sanctioned events, for which the deadline to submit was 9/30. View the 2018 schedule (and remaining 2017 events) via Search for Rides.

A big thanks to our Regional Brevet Administrators for providing us a wealth of events to ride in 2018!

2018 Board and RBA Liaison Voting Now Closed

Voting for the 2018 Board including RBA Liaison is now closed. The voting period extended through November 15. Please see the 2018 Election page for candidates' statements, which are still online, if you are interested.