Mission Statement - Values - Organizational Objectives

MISSION: Randonneurs USA promotes non-competitive, long-distance cycling and serves as the sanctioning body for randonneuring events in the United States.  
VALUES: We value the principles of collaboration, self-sufficiency and camaraderie over competition.

ORGANIZATIONAL PRINCIPLES: In order to accomplish its mission, Randonneurs USA:

  • Certifies long-distance bicycle events organized by regional clubs and organizations in the United States.
  • Serves as a liaison between members and international randonneuring organizations 
  • Supports the needs of a diverse network of regional brevet administrators.
  • Coordinates and publishes a national collection of permanent routes and an annual calendar of domestic randonneuring events. 
  • Celebrates randonneuring and informs members of important developments through the quarterly journal American Randonneur.
  • Maintains comprehensive rules for riders and organizers as the national randonneuring governing body. 
  • Awards long-distance cyclists for their accomplishments.

ANNUAL BOARD GOALS: At the beginning of the year, the RUSA Board agrees on a set of Board Goals to guide them throughout the year.

MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES:  Members must comply at all times with RUSA's policies and rules as well as local rules and regulations, demonstrating respect for individuals regardless of physical characteristics, athletic ability, race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation and gender expression.  Comments or criticism must be focused appropriately, avoiding disparaging or personal attacks on other members or volunteers.

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