Incident Reporting


Anything that's reported to the RBA should, in general, be reported as an incident to the RUSA Incident Liaison who will in turn send to the RUSA Board and Insurance Committee and Carrier. Please fill out the form and attach it to your email to along with an image of the signed waiver. 

Examples of situations requiring an incident report:

  1. Police involved
  2. Transport to a hospital or health care facility for assessment / treatment
  3. Concussion potential, eg.  Banged head / damaged helmet
  4. Significant  cuts and/or road rash that might need medical treatment
  5. Anything involving more than one rider, a vehicle or an animal
  6. Course issues causing the incident – road work, bad railroad tracks, gravel on the course, anything that might have been forewarned had it been  known.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. 

The information will be kept confidential by the RUSA Board and our Insurance Committee and will also be reported to our insurance carrier, as required.