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Do you have a question? Don't know who to ask? Do you want to report a website bug?  Please direct your questions/requests as follows:

Reporting a Website Bug

RUSA website issues are reported via the RUSA Bugzilla bug tracking system.  Using a bug tracking system ensures that the bug report gets to the right people, and that your bug submission is not lost or overlooked.

Please follow one of the links below, sign in and and report the issue. You can come back later to work on the issue with someone from RUSA.

You'll first need to create a Bugzilla account.  It works best with gmail email addresses

Using Bugzilla, a Quick Tutorial

There are three types of bugs - data bugs, content bugs, and code bugs.

Data bugs

These are found on pages with generated content; their URL would start with "".  These would be results errors, store errors, awards application issues, and so on.

Website Store or RUSA awards

  • This includes shipping, payments, etc.

Membership Issues

  • This includes duplicate memberships, missing members, etc.

Content Bugs

These are found on pages where the URL contains the text ".../pages/..." or ends in ".html"

Website Content

  • This includes typos, broken or incorrect links, missing images, etc.

Code Bugs

If you received an error message, or you could not accomplish what you were trying to do, i.e. "the website or a page is broken", report that here.  It is very helpful if you specify your operating system and browser, as well as the URL of the page where your problem occurred (or originated)

Website code issues or you saw an error message