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Permanents Program 2020 FAQ

  • What is a Permanent?

    A Permanent is like a brevet but you can ride it any time by registering beforehand on the RUSA site. 

  • Who can submit a route for addition to the library?

    Any current RUSA member can submit a Permanent route for approval using our RidewithGPS account. Please remember to follow the Guidelines. Use the Submission Form to submit your route.

  • How do I sign up for and ride a permanent?

    Log in to the member area of the RUSA site, join the permanents program, choose a ride and date, and sign the waiver. You'll submit your own results (total elapsed time) after you complete the ride. Please retain your proof of passage in the event of an audit of your results.

  • How do the rules differ between a Permanent and a brevet or populaire?

    The rules for riding a Permanent are based on the brevet rules, but there are some differences, such as your proof of passage options, and the option to ride other than the default route. Please review Rules for Permanent Riders. If you decide to ride a brevet or populaire event, you'll want to review the Rules for Riders.

  • Does a Permanent have to be a solo ride?

    No, you may ride a Permanent in a group with other RUSA Members.

  • Can I ride a Permanent on any day of the year?

    In theory, yes, but be aware of your personal safety by considering climate and traffic variations during the year.

  • Can I use a Permanent ride towards qualification for Paris-Brest-Paris or other foreign brevets?

    Permanents are not ACP-sanctioned and therefore not recognized  for PBP qualification. There may be some latitude with other events so always contact the event organizer to be sure.

  • Can I use a Permanent to qualify for other long-distance US events?

    This will be at the discretion of the organizer requiring qualification. A rider who wishes to use a Permanent towards qualification for one of these rides should contact the organizer well ahead of time. 

  • Can I use a Permanent toward earning RUSA's Distance awards?


  • How about the ACP Super Randonneur or R5000 award?

    No. Once again, all rides for these awards must be ACP-sanctioned.

  • I rode the same Permanent route twice in one season. Can I count both these rides towards the RUSA Distance awards?

    Yes. This includes repeated rides of the same route.

  • What kind of route makes a good Permanent?

    If you have a favorite long training ride, perhaps because it is especially scenic or challenging, this could make an excellent Permanent. Point-to-point rides might have a theme, such as riding between state capital cities or national parks. Remember the controls need to be appropriately spaced, and situated to avoid shortcuts.

  • Can I ride a Permanent route that I contributed myself?

    Yes, as soon as it is posted on the website and available to everyone, you may ride it for credit.

  • Can I create a Permanent route less than 200km?

    Yes, to a minimum of 100km. A Permanent of 100-199km is termed a Permanent Populaire, and is subject to the same rules as other Permanents.

  • I decided not to start a Permanent tomorrow because it is raining. May I ride next weekend if the weather is better?

    Yes, but you have to mark the registration for the original date as cancelled or DNS and create a new registration for the date you wish to ride. Registration must be done in advance of your ride.

  • May I start a Permanent from a location on the route other than the designated starting point, say, at one of the other checkpoints?

    Unless the route is a point-to-point, you may start your ride anywhere on the Permanent route or off the route, so long as you pass through each checkpoint in sequence.  Routes may also be ridden in reverse but you are responsible for ensuring that the reversed route is safe and still obeys traffic rules, such as one-way streets.

  • If the Perm route has unpaved segments, do I get extra time? Are their special awards?

    On such routes, you get extra time for the unpaved distance you rode. There is recognition in your Results, and awards are in planning. You can find out more in our Permanents Gravel Guide.

  • Whom do I contact if I have questions about Permanents?

    Go to RUSA Officials Search and select: "Committee: Permanents" and click on the Search button.


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