When a RUSA Brevet vs. an ACP Brevet


RUSA brevets offer a subset of the awards, recognition, and qualifying potential of ACP brevets on the RUSA calendar.  When/why would you submit a brevet as non-ACP-sanctioned?

  • The distance is not close to one of the standard ACP distances (200km, 300km, 400km, 600km 1000km): for example, the route you’re envisioning may have a “natural” distance which falls in between, but is important to the route concept – e.g., an out-and-back between to an iconic location, or a similarly iconic loop route, such as the circumnavigation of a lake or island.
  • You want to hold the event between October 16 and December 31.
  • You are adding an event after the deadline to submit ACP events (September 30 of the prior year for an event between January 1 and October 31, or September 30 of the current year for an event between November 1 and December 31).
  • You need to postpone an ACP-sanctioned event more than a week, and would still like to hold the event. (You’d cancel the ACP event and add a RUSA event to replace it.)