Getting Your Event on the Calendar

Three different sanctioning authorities govern randonneur events held in the USA:

  • Randonneurs Mondiaux (RM)
  • Audax Club Parisien (ACP)
  • Randonneurs USA (RUSA)

The table below summarizes the deadlines for event submissions and the calendar dates for scheduling events with each of the event sanctioning organizations. 

Event Type Deadline for Submission Event Calendar Dates
ACP-sanctioned brevets Oct 1 year prior Jan 1 - Oct 31
Oct 1 of current year Nov 1 - Dec 31
ACP-sanctioned flèches Oct 1 year prior 1 week prior to Easter – end of May
RUSA-sanctioned brevets and populaires 5 weeks prior (new route)
6 days prior (existing approved route) [12/2017]
Jan 1 - Dec 31

RUSA-sanctioned arrows and darts

5 weeks prior (new route)
2 weeks prior (existing approved route)
RM-sanctioned events Oct 1 year prior to schedule the event, but July 31 in prior year to submit application for first-time running of the event


Jan 1 - Dec 31

Each RBA is required to organize at least one 200km or longer ACP or RUSA brevet each year. In order to hold ACP and RM events, RBAs submit their proposed dates to RUSA by October 1 of the preceding year. The RUSA Board reviews all ACP and RM-sanctioned events held in the USA in early October before submitting them to the sanctioning organization and placing them on the RUSA calendar. To hold RUSA-sanctioned events, RBAs submit their proposed dates:

  • at least five weeks in advance, if the event will use a new or changed route;
  • at least six days in advance, if the event will use an already-approved route. [12/2017]


This allows adequate time for the Board approval process, and for route review and approval (for new/changed routes).  Submitting your RUSA-sanctioned events by the October deadline means they will be listed in the autumn issue of American Randonneur along with the ACP and RM events.


The process for submitting your events:

  1. Submit all calendar events, ACP, RM and RUSA, using the web-based calendar submission form. If you cannot use the form, contact the Brevet Coordinator.
  2. The RUSA Board reviews the proposed events. You will be contacted if there are any issues with any event you propose.
  3. After the Board approves your events, the Brevet Coordinator will contact you via email and your events will appear on the RUSA calendar.