Welcome to the Randonneurs USA RBA Handbook. This document is a resource you can use in organizing your events, and details what RUSA expects of each Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA).

Each RBA is appointed by the RUSA Board in designated regions of the United States to represent RUSA and conduct RUSA events. The appointment is for an indefinite term, and remains in effect until the RBA ceases to serve, or upon a majority vote of the Board. RBAs are subject to supervision by RUSA in the performance of their duties, and are expected to readily communicate and collaborate with RUSA officials. RBAs will not be removed without notice and an opportunity to be heard.


Experienced American brevet organizers developed these procedures to work successfully within the Audax Club Parisien (ACP) Rules for Organizers, upon which ours are based. As the ACP says, "Brevets are not casual affairs," and thus, it is essential that all RBAs follow these procedures in order to maintain the integrity of American randonneuring events and to process their riders' results correctly.

Riders may be riding your brevets to qualify for a 1200km event, to earn ACP or RUSA awards, or for personal goals. Most qualifications have time-critical deadlines. For this reason, it is important to submit results in a timely and accurate manner. It is also important to remember that RUSA volunteers give their time to validate your calendar, routes, and results; doing things incorrectly makes extra work for everyone.

Read these Procedures carefully; if you have any questions feel free to contact the RUSA RBA Liaison, the RUSA Brevet Coordinator, or the RUSA President. Randonneurs USA offers every RBA sincere gratitude for giving American randonneurs quality events to ride.

This Document and RUSA Rules for Organizers

This document includes:

  • procedures to follow in carrying out your RBA duties,
  • tips for carrying out your RBA duties and organizing successful events and regions,
  • policies, which have the force of rules on a level with and extension of the Rules for Organizers.


Your Volunteers and the RBA Procedures

RBAs may delegate some of their route (or other) duties to other volunteers. It is your volunteers’ responsibility to be familiarize themselves with the relevant parts of these procedures, and your responsibility to assure they’ve done so, to save time and energy for all concerned.