Late-Season Events

As of November, 2022, RUSA began sanctioning ACP events year round. However, the ACP calendar runs from November 1st through October of the following year and this will slightly complicate how you view your ACP events if you list them in November and December. Prior to October each year, RUSA Regional Brevet Administrators will submit their ACP events for November 1st through December 31st of the current year along with their ACP events from January 1st through October 31st of the following year.

When scheduling ACP events for the last two weeks of October, especially the last weekend in October, please keep in mind that results are required to be submitted sooner than usual. This is because the ACP requires results to be filed in the first few days of November.

For the benefit of riders in your regions, remind them that the ACP Super Randonneur award is based on the ACP calendar (Nov.-Oct.), while RUSA calendar-year awards - for example, R-12, P-12, K-Hound -  are based on the RUSA calendar year (Jan.- Dec.).