• Added intro paragraph with details on RBA appointment terms and remaining in good standing.
  • Communication - RBAs must maintain membership on the RBA email list-serve.


  • Removed some key permanents references and "unpublished" the Excess Medical Insurance section.
  • Removed not giving credit for events ridden "whose scheduled date and time conflicts with the scheduled date and time of another event" the rider has ridden.


  • Add incident reporting guidelines and links.


  • Remove prohibition of multiple events of similar distance on the same day.
  • Add Waiver Guidance section, supplied by Waiver Committee.


  • Pre-Rides – Allow pre-rider to ride Permanents during the course of the actual event. Other aspects clarified.


  • Six-Day advance notice for scheduling RUSA brevet or perm w/ approved route.
  • Associating Routes with an Event, and "Within or Through" Search for Rides
  • Scheduling Grand Randonnées – application note
  • Event Listings in American Randonneur
  • RUSA Liability Insurance, Liability Release Waiver, Excess Medical Insurance
  • Obtaining ACP Brevet Medals – RBA purchases for events
  • Member Search - displaying pending members
  • Using the new Result Submission Form
  • ACP Brevet Sticker Options – physical labels, PDF, CSV file


  • Updated waiver download link. Updated instructions for “spreadsheet” (csv) result submissions.


  • Audax Club Parisien and Randonneurs Mondiaux removed as third-party insured from insurance section.


  • “Official vs. Actual Distance of Events” section added.


  • RUSA insurance rates updated and details about added insured added.


  • Start and finish controls must be timed.
  • Secret controls – not timed in the manner of timed controls.
  • Intermediate control cutoffs – relaxed after 600km.
  • Sign-in sheets for multiple events per day – revised.
  • Material delays along the route – added note.
  • Online mapping software – updated note.
  • Can add a RUSA event two weeks prior to the event date if using an approved route, and two weekd in advance for new 1200k+ routes.


  • Terminating an event in progress.  Credit for pre-riders of a cancelled event.


  • Clarified that policies in this document have the force of rules.
  • Added that the RBA needs to make pre-ride volunteers aware that they cannot get credit for the pre-ride if its scheduled date conflicts with another ride the rider did.
  • Added address to use for RUSA third-party insured.


  • Staffed controls issue clarified for pre-rides.
  • When to use an Event-Staffed control.
  • Changing Sponsoring Club section added.
  • Results and Pending Memberships.
  • Effective date for pre-rides and rescheduled rides.
  • RUSA vs. Club Insurance.
  • Traversing Public Lands.
  • Submitting Flèche Results.


  • RBA Reactivation
  • When RUSA brevet vs. ACP brevet?


  • Volunteers’ pre-ride tips.
  • Rescheduling an ACP event as a RUSA event.

1/1/2010 – 2/5/2010

  • Option for RBAs to sell ACP brevet medals discontinued.
  • Reversing brevet route directions – policy added.
  • Brevet Route Application Form link added.


10/8/2009 - 11/23/2009

  • Step-by-Step instructions for creating your own brevet stickers – section added.
  • RBA Volunteer Staff and the RBA Procedures – section added.
  • Transfers and Forced Time off the Bike – section added.
  • Alternate Route Segments – section added.
  • Rescheduling ACP Events for safety/passability reasons – note added.
  • What Route Certification does not cover – note added.