Canceling or Rescheduling Events

If you must cancel or reschedule an event, contact the Brevet Coordinator immediately.

ACP-Sanctioned Events - You may reschedule up to a week after the scheduled date for safety reasons or because the route is impassable on the scheduled date (examples: black ice/snow; bridge out or road segment closed due to construction).  If conditions would require you to reschedule past the one-week mark, and you still wish to hold the event, consult the Brevet Coordinator for options of converting it to a RUSA (non-ACP) event.

[3/2010] [11/2009]

Changing RUSA brevet dates is more flexible if there is enough time beforehand. For either event type, contact the Brevet Coordinator immediately to discuss your situation. Do not make changes to your dates without RUSA approval.

Date of Event Credit - Event credit goes toward the original schedule date.  If the rescheduled event falls in the next month, for example, R-12 credit is for the original month.  This could be an issue to consider in converting to a (new) RUSA event.


Terminating an Event In Progress – If you need to terminate an event already in progress because of emergent safety, course, or other issues, submit results for any riders who have already finished or successfully pre-ridden the event.


Pre-Riders – If an event must be cancelled or terminated as in the cases above, submit results for any riders who’ve pre-ridden the event (as described below).