Multiple Events on Same Day

You may schedule more than one event starting on the same date (at the same time or similar times, at the same or different start locations.

Each rider must sign up for and ride one particular event. Riders may not change events once the event has started.  Your sign-in/registration materials must show that each rider has signed up for one particular event. The waiver can serve as that evidence, if you do not have a sign-in sheet or event registration. In any case, the waiver must indicate which event the rider is signing for. You can either have a separate waiver for each event, or a way for the rider to indicate the specific event on the waiver.

[10/2018] [11/14/2022]

If you are a new RBA and have scheduled more than one event starting on the same day, for that first occurrence, do the following:

  • Create a separate sign-in sheet – or area on your sign-in sheet –  for each scheduled event. (Or waiver, as explained above.)
  • Make copies of the sign-in sheets / waivers immediately following the event.
  • Submit the original sign-in sheets / waivers to the Brevet Coordinator
  • Mail the sign-in sheets / waivers within 10 days after the conclusion of the events. You can email images of the documents. The Brevet Coordinator will check that the results you submit correspond to the appropriate sign-in sheets, and that each rider has signed only one sheet.

If you are not a new RBA, the Brevet Coordinator may still request to see the originals of your sign-in sheets / waivers, so be sure to preserve them.

[11/2013] [11/14/2022]