R-12 and P-12 "Pause"

We are declaring a "pause" in counting months for R-12 and P-12. These months will not require make up rides. But R-12 and P-12 will still require 12 credit months in all. The pause period will start March 1 and end when things are more-or-less back to normal.  To determine when to restart, we will take our cue from other cycling organizations such as USA Cycling.  Rides during the pause period will not count towards R-12 / P-12 with the exception of rides during the month of March. Riders may use March as a pause month or if they have already completed rides they may use those toward any awards including the R-12/P-12.

Make-Ups for No Perms Make-Up period (12/2019 - 4/2020) - For those who were planning their permanents suspension make up rides to be ridden in March or April, those make up rides can now take place in the 2 months following the end of the pause.

Examples, assuming solely for the sake of these examples that the pause encompasses March, April, May, and June (not a prediction!):

  • Your R-12 twelve months ended in March, and you got in a ride in March, but you were going to make up a missed month (e.g., January) by riding an extra 200k in April. Now you can ride that extra 200k in July or August.
  • You started a P-12 in January and got rides in January, February, and March. Your twelve month period will now extend through April, 2021 (16 months minus the 4 "paused" months = 12 credit months).
  • You started an R-12 in January but missed February and haven't made it up yet: your twelve month period will now extend through April, 2021, and you can make up February with an extra ride in July or August.