Mondial, Galaxy, and American Explorer Awards Now "Repeatable"

The Mondial, Galaxy, and American Explorer awards have been enhanced such that members can earn multiple successive awards. That means earning a Mondial award with each successive 40,000 km completed in RUSA rides (e.g., 40,000 km, 80,000 km, etc.). For the Galaxy award, it means each successive 100,000 km completed (e.g., 100,000 km, 200,000 km, etc.).

For the American Explorer award, members can complete successive "series." A series consists of completing rides in all 50 U.S. states. (Territories and Washington, DC are extra credit.) Once you've completed rides in all 50 states, you can start over, revisiting states, and earning credit toward the next series.

The Mondial awardee page and Galaxy awardee page indicate successive awards with a number in brackets, as our other awards.  Currently, the American Explorer awardee page only displays the first series of states, territories, etc., earned. But those who've completed an entire series of 50 states are listed here.

You can purchase physical awards for your successive Mondial and Galaxy awards if you desire. We've not yet set up a policy about purchasing a second American Explorer highway-sign plaque and states.

We hope that these enhancements will allow members to extend their goals and keep pursuing them. Thanks to Dan Driscoll for the idea, and to Charlie Martin and others on the Web Team for making it happen.