Changing Sponsoring Club

You may need or desire to change your region’s sponsoring club.  (See RUSA’s table of region history for examples of where this has occurred.)  Possible reasons for doing so:

  • The sponsoring club has changed its mission or focus.
  • You initially chose a local general-purpose club as sponsoring club to get started, but as your program has grown and matured, you’d now like to form a dedicated randonneuring club.
  • Any number of other organizational, personal, or administrative factors may have cropped up.

To change sponsoring clubs:

  • Contact the RBA Liaison with your intention, planned date of sponsorship change, and name of new sponsoring club.  If the new sponsoring club does not have an ACP code, RUSA will create one for it.
  • You may wish to contact those RUSA members whose RUSA affiliation is with the old sponsoring club, in case they’d like to change their affiliation.  They may do so by contacting the Membership Chairman.  (You can use Member Search to find members of a given affiliation.)  You might also take the opportunity to contact unaffiliated (Independent) or RUSA-affiliated local riders in case they’d like to affiliate with the new sponsoring club.