RBA Resignation and Succession

RUSA encourages RBAs who are planning to resign, to identify a successor as far in advance as possible.  This will assure continuation of a region’s event schedule and minimize the impact on your riders. Communication with the RBA Liaison about the intent to resign aids in a smooth transition and notifies the Board of plans for the region. This also facilitates a smooth application process for the successor RBA.

The timing of an RBA's resignation and the application of the successor are critical due to the scheduling and approval of events.

RBAs should make every effort to notify the Board of a resignation no later than July 15 of the RBA's final season of events.

If a successor is available and has not already been identified to the RBA Liaison, the existing RBA should supply the name and a recommendation when sending the notice of resignation to the Board.

Note that the board may need to cancel some or all of the region’s events if an RBA resigns on short notice or after July 15 of the RBA’s final season.

In all cases, a prospective successor RBA must submit an RBA application by August 1 in order to hold ACP events the following year. As noted in the application procedures, the successor RBA submits the application to the RBA Liaison who brings it before the Board for approval.