Permanents Owners Resources

  • Route Application Form in MS Word or PDF.New!
  • Cardomatic control card designer - created and maintained by Jake Kassen (contact Jake with any questions)
  • RUSA-sanctioned Permanent Brevet Card Master fill-in form pdf, or in MS Word.
  • RUSA-sanctioned Permanent Brevet Card Master, >10 controls MS Word.
  • RUSA-sanctioned Permanent Populaire Brevet Card Master.
  • Permanents and Permanents Populaire opening and closing times calculator.
  • Permanent Ride Registration Form (MS Word, PDF). This form is intended for organizers to download and edit as they wish, not for riders to use. You will need Microsoft Word to view and edit.
  • Permanents Liability Release Waiver (MS WordPDF). You will need Microsoft Word to view and edit.
  • Submission page for Permanents and Permanents Populaire results.