Randonnée Arrivée Survey

     Congratulations! You are one of the 301 RUSA members who finished PBP 1999.
     We'd like to know how you did it. Your feedback will be helpful to those
     who did not finish PBP. So please take a moment to answer these questions.
     If you need more space, use the other side of this page.
     Send your completed form to the address below. RUSA appreciates your help.

   1. What was your PBP Finish time: __________________________________________
   2. What time of day did you finish: Day____________Time____________
   3. Where did you do your Brevets to qualify for PBP? _______________________
     3a. How many miles did you ride in 1999 prior to PBP? _________
   4. Did you also complete a Brevet series in 1998? Yes___ No___
   5. Have you participated in PBP prior to 1999? No___ Yes___ When? __________
     5a. If yes, did you finish? Yes___ No___
     5b. Why did you return? __________________________________________________
   6. Did you have a support crew at PBP 1999? Yes___ No___
   7. What start time did you take and why? ___80h ___90h ___84h Because ______
   8. How far did you ride without sleep? _____________________________________
   9. How many hours did you ride without sleep? ______________________________
  10. What was your 600k Brevet finish time? __________________________________
      Did you sleep?  No___ Yes ___-_____hrs
  11. How long did it take you to reach Brest? ___________
      Did you sleep? No___ Yes___ ­ _____hrs
  12. How often did you sleep at PBP?
      Tuesday night: Yes___ No___ Location:_____________ Hours of Sleep; ______
      Wednesday night: Yes___ No___ Location: __________ Hours of Sleep; ______
      Thursday night: Yes___ No___ Location: ___________ Hours of Sleep; ______
  13. Were you constantly aware of the controle open/close times?  Yes___ No___
  14. Did you have a difficult moment during PBP? No___ Yes___ ­ Where? _______
      Describe it: ____________________________________________________________
      How did you overcome it? ________________________________________________
  15. What was the hardest part of PBP for you? _______________________________
  16. What was the best part of PBP for you? __________________________________
  17. What are the strongest reasons for your ability to finish PBP?
      ___having done it before              ___not getting sick
      ___no mechanical problems             ___not getting injured or crashing
      ___training hard                      ___being able to speak french
      ___the great weather                  ___hard Brevets
      ___being physically prepared          ___being mentally prepared
      ___determination; not wanting to DNF  ___having fun
      ___the adrenaline of the event        ___personal pride
      ___companionship                      ___other: _________________________
  18. Is there something RUSA can do to better prepare riders for PBP? ________
  19. Are you considering riding in PBP 2003? No___ ­ why not? ________________
      Yes___­ Why? ____________________________________________________________
      If yes, will you take the same start time? Yes___
      No___ ­ why not & which time will you take instead? _____________________
  20. May we publish your comments? Yes___ No___

  Name: _______________________________________________________________________

RANDONNEURS USA, 10 Bliss Mine Road, Middletown, RI 02842
Thank you!