New Permanents Rollout


Details of the New Permanents Program

The new program works somewhat differently from the old, and the procedures for you as a rider or as a route contributor are different. Consult:

Permanents Program 2020 - Rules Overview

Rules for Permanent Riders (detailed rules)

Permanents Program 2020 FAQ

What do I need to do to register and ride?

  1. Create a RUSA Website account (or log in if you already have one). Click on the Member Log in link at the upper right corner of the home page. Member accounts are a new feature, which will be used for perms and other things. 

  2. Register for the Permanents Program - This is a new step. This includes paying a one-time-per-year fee ($10 for the balance of 2020) to participate in the program. Go to My Account and click on the Permanents link in the account area. This is also the link you will use to register to ride or submit your result. 

  3. Register to ride a perm route - Once you're a member of the perms program, you can register to ride one or more perms - you just specify the route and the date you wish to ride, and electronically sign a waiver for that ride.

How do results get submitted?

After your ride, you will go to Permanents under My Account once again and submit the results of your ride (which could be finishing within the time limit, DNF or finished out of time, or DNS if you ended up not doing your ride).

Available Routes

There are currently several hundred active permanent routes, which have been updated, contributed, and vetted for the new program. The Permanents Committee has tried to get good coverage geographically for our members, based on which routes have been submitted to the new program. If you wish to ride a Permanent and there is no route near you, consider contacting someone nearby who might contribute an existing permanent route, or contact the Permanents Committee at

The committee is currently only accepting existing inactive perm routes, but will begin accepting new routes in the near future.

Questions and Issues?

For website issues, as always, use the Contact us link at the foot of this page.

For questions about the Permanents Program, contact the Permanents Committee at