Permanents Program 2020 - Rules Overview

Here are the full revised Rules for Permanent Riders.

SR 600 Routes - The full rules above and the points below do not apply to riding a RUSA Permanent route linked to an ACP Super Randonnée 600 Permanent. Applying to ride, the type of proof of passage allowed (e.g., no GPS tracks), and results submission are all different. They are in accord with the ACP rules.

An overview of what's new and different for riding a Permanent route:

Route Owners, Registration, and Results - There are no longer any perm route owners. RUSA members have contributed routes to the RUSA Perm Routes library. Riders register via the RUSA site to ride them, have responsibility for any materials they may need, and submit results themselves.

Free Routes - All routes will be viewed as free routes with untimed intermediate controls. The rider may chart any safe and legal course between controls, but must traverse all controls in their order on the route.

Proof of Passage - Photo controls and GPS tracks will be accepted, in addition to the normal establishment-based proof of passage. Any control (e.g., specifying an establishment, or "open" choice of establishment) can be executed as a photo control. Info controls are no longer an option.

Reversing and Starting from Intermediate Controls - Riders have the option to begin their ride at any control, and to ride the course in reverse direction, so long as they ascertain that the reversed route is safe and legal to ride, or if that's not the case, ride a reversed route that is.

Brevet Cards - Riders may generate and print their own brevet cards and use them for witness proof-of-passage at establishments or other staffed controls.

Audits - Riders should retain electronic and physical proof of passage materials for 12 months after the ride is complete, in case of a RUSA audit.