Debra Banks awarded RUSA's 2022 American Randonneur Award

The RUSA Board has chosen Debra Banks as recipient of the American Randonneur Award for 2022, from among nominations submitted by RUSA members. 

Each year, the Board "presents an award to a member of the organization who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to randonneuring in the United States" as described on the ARA info page, from among those nominated by RUSA members.

Deb has been RBA for the Davis, CA region since 2017 and in that time has organizer two editions of the Gold Rush Randonnée 1200k. She is a veteran of two PBPs, and five US 1200k's.  She chaired the New Permanents Committee, which brought the Perms program back to life, and streamlined registering for, riding, and reporting results. Deb is also chair of the Gravel Committee, whose provisions RUSA has adopted to create its Gravel Program.

Congratulations, Deb!  

When presented with the award, Deb shared: “I was completely blown away and surprised (actually, truly speechless), when RUSA President, Bill Bryant presented this award to me just before the start of our Super Bowl Populaire (which was a gravel ride!). Thank you to the RUSA Board for selecting me as the 2022 recipient of the American Randonneur award. It is a huge honor to stand among the 20 other recipients including past Davis RBAs, Dan Shadoan and Daryn Dodge! Our sport has changed my life. I love our Rando-community and all of the friends I have made over the years worldwide. I am inspired every weekend by the adventures our community participates in, as we rise to the challenges each ride provides. My Rando-heart is full.”  

Debra Banks