May 22, 1998

Below is a list of those receiving the Proposal for Change by mail and their votes approximately four (4) weeks after the mailing was sent.

Non IR Administrators:

Scott Dickson           PBP Champ       Approve
Charlie Lamb            Advisor         Approve
Susan Notorangelo       Advisor         Approve
Dick Seebode            OH              Has reservations
John Wagner             WA              Approve
Jennifer Wise           BMB             Approve

Approved                                 5
Reservations                             1

Total Responses                          6

IR Administrators:

Steve Baumann           NY              Abstained
Johnny Bertrand         KY              Approve
Chip Bole               IL              Approve
Louis Branz             IL              Approve
Steve Britt             NYC             Approve
John Bryan              SC              Approve
Michael Carson          MN              Approve
Jerry Davis             NH              Approve
Daryn Dodge             CA              Approve
Robert Holiday          KS              Disapprove
David Holmes            IA              Approve
Dave Jordan             MA              Approve
Gary Koenig             CO              Approve
Jim Kuehn               MD              Approve
Larry Larson            NE              Approve
Marvin Rambo            OR              Approve
Sherry Reed             OH              Approve
Larry Ricker            WA              Approve
Michael Rohacek         AK              Approve
Gary Smith              TX              Approve
Jim Solanick            FL              Approve
Mark Tharp              MO              Has reservations

Approved                                19
Disapproved                              1
Abstained                                1
Reservations                             1

Total Responses                         22

Grand Totals:

Approved                                24
Disapproved                              1
Abstained                                1
Reservations                             2

Total Responses                         28