April 19, 1998

Below is a list of those receiving the Proposal for Change by E-mail and their votes approximately two (2) weeks after the initial E-mail message was sent.

Non IR Administrators in support prior to the mailing:

Scott Dickson          Y
Charlie Lamb           Y
Susan Notorangelo      Y
John Wagner            Y
Jennifer Wise          Y

Total:                      5 Y / 0 N = 5

IR Administrators:

Steve Bauman     (NY)  ?
Johnny Bertrand  (KY)  Y
Robert Bole      (WI)  Y (very moderate Y)
Louis Branz      (MO)  Y (very moderate Y)
Steven Britt     (NY)  Y
John Bryan       (SC)  Y
David Holmes     (IA)  Y
Dave Jordan      (MA)  Y
James Kuehn      (DC)  Y
Hugh Murphy      (CA)  ?
Steve Overstreet (OH)  Y
Larry Ricker     (WA)  Y
Mike Rohacek     (AK)  Y
Gary Smith       (TX)  Y
Jim Solanick     (FL)  Y

Total:                     13 Y / 2 No Response = 15

Grand Total:               18 Y / 2 No Response = 20