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President's Letter #4
March, 2001

Dear RM Members:

Welcome to the first year of the new millennium and another active year for Randonneurs Mondiaux. In 2000, two hundred and twelve randonneurs from 12 different countries completed a brevet of 1200 km or more. From the list of events scheduled for this year, this number will certainly be surpassed. In 2001 the cost of the RM medal/pin will be collected at the end of the year at the same time as the RM validation fee by the Treasurer, Bob Lepertel.

A. Randonneurs Mondiaux Structure
In a previous letter mention was made of the objective to consolidate our various directives and governing rules in one document. The project is well underway and on schedule for completion of a working document by the end of 2001.

B. Randonneurs Mondiaux Jersey
This endeavor is directed by Don Briggs, the Vice President. Financial problems have delayed the project. Information on the cost and means of procurement are unfortunately not available as had been planned. Alternate source of financing are being explored.

C. International Super Randonneurs
Introduced in 1991, the ISR encourage randonneurs to participate in events in other than there own country. This program is coordinated by the Audax United Kingdom. Twenty­one randonneurs have now merited this award. For more information contact Sheila Simpson, 33 Hawk Green Road, Marple SK6 7HR, Britain.

D. News from members
By the time the March President's Letter is received, the Audax Australia (Melbourne) will have sponsored not only a 1200 km brevet, but also a 2001 km in 2001. Can we foresee a 2002 km in 2002?

A full series of Brevet Randonneurs Mondiaux is schedule. In addition with the endorsement of the Bulgaria Tourist Federation, plans have been formulated for a 1200 km brevet in 2001, from the capital of Sofia, to the city Varna on the Black Sea and return.

The British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club has established communications with Star Bike Japan to assist this country in organizing randonneur cycling in Japan.

The Audax Randonneur Allemagne have formalized an operation model for randonneur activities all Germany. A brevet coordinator has been identified in each of the seven regions now organizing Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux.

Although, not yet an Associate Member of Randonneurs Mondiaux, Japan has an active group of cyclists in the process of developing randonneur cycling. Their enthusiasm is supported by the organization of Star Bike Japan and by the editor of "Cycle Sports" magazine, Shinobu Miyauchi. Cycle Sports is also the sponsor of the Can­Am Challenge pin. The Can­Am Challenge was introduced in 2000, to recognize randonneurs who complete in the same year the Rocky Mountain 1200 km in Canada and the Boston Montreal Boston 1200 km in the USA. Eleven randonneurs from five different countries have now achieved this objective. Can we foresee Japanese randonneurs participating in these events in 2002?

"Around Ladoga Lake" June 22-23, 2001. The 1000 km brevet mentioned in the October Letter will not materialize, but a 600 km, with the option of extending the ride to 800 km is confirmed. More information is available from Andrey Hnannolainen (postal address: + ul. S.Kovalsevskoy 10­4­64, 195256 St. Petersburg, Russia. Telephone +7 (812) 328­ 3142.

United States
American Randonneurs are enjoying a renaissance of randonneur cycling. Randonneurs USA (RUSA) continues to grow, having more than 1100 members. Over 143 events are scheduled for 2001. For the first time in the history of RM, one country will host three 1200km events in the same year, all three are sanctioned by Randonneurs Mondiaux. Each event promises terrific scenery, challenging climbs and excellent organization! Ride one, or go for "the hat trick" and ride all three!

* * *

Randonneurs Mondiaux Calendar for 2001

Audax Australia, March 9-16, 2001
Riders have the choice of a 1000 km, a 1200 km, or a 2001 km brevet.
Contact: Alan Tonkin: [www.audax.org.au]

Sofia-Varna-Sofia 2001: (Cycling Club "Sinite kamani" Sliven, Bulgaria) June 21-24, 2001
Contact: Lazar Vladislavov, 2-B-15 Irecheck, Silven 8800, Bulgaria
Tel: /Fax: ++359 44 37395

Gold Rush Randonnée (Davis Bike Club, California, USA), July 9-13, 2001
Contact: Daryn Dodge, 2618 Kline Ct., Davis CA 95616, USA
Tel: 530 756-0186 [http://davisbikeclub.org/goldrush]

London-Edinburgh-London, July 21-25, 2001
Contact: Bernard Mawson, 64 Arklow Road, Intake, Doncaster, DN2 5LD, Britain

Super Brevets Scandanavia, July 21-25, 2001
Contact: Johannes Kristiansen, Lynge Bygade 17, DK-3540 Lynge, Denmark
Tel: +45 48 18 77 71

Boston-Montréal-Boston 1200k Randonnée (Massachusetts, USA) August 16-19, 2001
Contact: Jennifer Wise, 10 Bliss Mine Road, Middletown, RI 02842, USA
Tel: 401 847-1715 Fax: 401 847-1718 [www.bmb1200k.com]

Colorado 1200k Randonnée (Rocky Mountain Cycling Club, CO, USA) Sept 7-10, 2001
Contact: John Lee Ellis, 2155 Dogwood Circle, Louisville, CO 80027, USA

Great Southern Randonnée (Melbourne, Australia))) Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2001
Contact: www.audax.org.au