The Randonneurs Mondiaux confirmed RUSA's status as Official USA Representative in the following letter:

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux
Rèal Prèfontaine, President
#4 - 35035 Morgan Way
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Tele: (604)853 9594-------------Fax: (604)853 4466

November 26, 1999

Jennifer Wise, President RUSA
10 Bliss Mine Road
RI 02840

Dear Jennifer,

I acknowledge your letter of November 26, 1999 requesting a change in the status of the United States representation to the Randonneurs Mondiaux.

The International Randonneurs Inc., one of the founding members of Randonneurs Mondiaux submitted at the General Meeting of the RM on August 28, 1999 their resignation as the USA representative. Randonneurs USA, as the largest and most active club in the United States with endorsement of 31 Regional Brevet Administrators, is the logical club to replace International Randonneurs Inc.

As President of the Randonneurs Mondiaux, I confirm that henceforth RUSA will be considered as the official representative to the RM with full voting privileges and responsibilities. On behalf of all members of the RM, I wish your club the continuing success demonstrated since your formation in August 1998.

Yours truly,

Rèal G. Prèfontaine
President, Randonnuers Mondiaux

c.c. Robert Lepertel,
Trèsorier, Randonneurs Mondiaux