Thank you for a great 2003 Paris-Brest-Paris and congratulations to all finishers!

An official list of RUSA members who participated in Paris-Brest-Paris, 2004 was published in the November, 2003 American Randonneur Newsletter.

Preview the ACP's 2003 PBP jersey. You will be able to order it with your PBP application.

  • Distance: 1200k (750 miles)
  • Time Limit: 90 hours
  • Rider Checkin: August 17, 2003
  • Bike Inspection: August 17, 2003
  • Start Date: August 18, 2003
  • Finish Date: August 22, 2003
  • Award Ceremony: August 22, 2003
  • Start Times:
    • Monday August 18 8:00pm - 80 hour group
    • Monday August 18 10:00pm - 90 hour group
    • Tuesday August 19 5:00am - 84 hour group
  • Qualification Criteria: To enter PBP 2003, the rider must complete one full Brevet series (200k, 300k, 400k, and 600k brevets) in the same year as PBP.
  • Brevets done the year before will not count toward PBP qualification. The brevets must be ridden in sequence between March 1 and June 15, 2003¹. Per ACP mandate, the rider must have a RUSA membership number beginning with the 200k.
  • Entry Form: The official PBP 2003 entry form will be sent to all RUSA members in May of 2003.
  • Entry Policy: Entry forms are accepted from Randonneurs Mondiaux member organizations only.
  • The ACP will not accept individual entries. Per ACP mandate, all USA entrants must be members of Randonneurs USA and submit their entry via RUSA. RUSA members can enter PBP by sending the PBP entry form, payment and all other required documents to RUSA before July 1. RUSA collects and collates the forms, ensures they are correct, puts them in alphabetical order, sorts them into categories by start time and sends the forms to the ACP in France along with one large payment in Euros. Riders receive their PBP registration packet of information directly from the ACP around August 1.
  • Entry Period: Entry forms are accepted between June 1 and July 1, 2003. No early entries are accepted. No late entries are accepted.
  • Field Limit: 3,500 riders
  • Documents Required:
    • Completed PBP entry form including Brevet certification numbers
    • Four self-adhesive self-addressed mailing address labels
    • Letter from physician - stating that rider is in good health
    • 2 Passport-size photos of rider
    • Proof of medical insurance
    • Payment of entry fee: checks only; no credit cards
  • Age Limit: riders must be 18 years of age or older
  • Entry Fee: $125.00 (approx)
  • Start/Finish Area: St. Quentin en Yvelines, (near Versailles) France
  • Nearest Airport to start/finish area: Orly-Sud
  • PBP Bag Drops: Bag Drop Information
  • For further information: Order the RUSA PBP Yearbook. See the Souvenir Items link.

¹ Due to the size of the USA and its different climate zones, RUSA has received permission from the Audax Club Parisien to begin PBP qualifying brevets as early as January 1st, 2003. According to ACP rules, if a brevet is missed, an event of the next higher distance can be substituted with the cooperation of your local RBA. For example, if someone should not be able to attend their local 300k, and can't find a substitute at some other region, then he or she can ride another 400k. They must clear this with their RBA first. So, their series would look like this: 200k, 400k, 400k, 600k instead of the usual 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k. The missing ride must be done in ascending order too. In the example above, it couldn't have been done after the 600k or before the 200k. All things considered, it's always best to do the normal brevet series to avoid this unusual circumstance. Please refer to the Rules FAQ and the PBP FAQ for more information.

* * *
Note: All participants are required to make their own travel arrangements for PBP. RUSA is not a travel agency and does not handle air, hotel or rental car arrangements for riders. Contact a travel agent to make your reservations.