September 14, 2017 Board Meeting




Held SEPTEMBER 14, 2017



A regular meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order at 2013 EDT by the President.


The following Directors were in attendance:

  • Debra Banks
  • John Lee Ellis
  • Nigel Greene
  • Susan Otcenas
  • Paul Rozelle
  • Lois Springsteen
  • Dave Thompson


No others were in attendance. 


The minutes from the regular meeting of August 9, 2017 were approved.


Following approval of the minutes, a motion was made to confirm a vote that had been taken by email to change the lead-time for scheduling RUSA-sanctioned events. The issue had been discussed by email, a vote taken to adopt the change in lead-time for event scheduling, and that motion carried. Following additional discussion, the email vote was confirmed on a properly made motion. It was noted that the change would be made on the website and publicized to the RBAs.


A report was then received from the Treasurer, which noted the healthy state of RUSA’s finances and that there was no reason for an increase in the membership fee at this time. It was also reported the membership had declined approximately 7% year-to-year, which is historically not unexpected given that we are at the mid-point between PBP cycles.


An update was had from the President on the 2018 Term election, for which the nominations period would close on September 15, concerning the number of members who had accepted nomination for the seats open for election.


The 2018 event calendar deadline being on September 30, the current state of event submissions from RBAs was discussed. Reminders would be sent to RBAs to submit their calendars timely. The scheduling of the October Board Meeting was also discussed in the context of the approval of the event calendar and the submission of the calendared events to the ACP by their deadline. It was decided that the Board would meet on October 4 to discuss the proposed events and that the regular meeting would take place on October 11.


Planning for the 20th Anniversary of RUSA (which occurs on August 18, 2018) was discussed, including the potential for an anniversary-edition RUSA jersey and a commemorative ride on 8/18/18, the latter of which would be publicized to the RBAs so that they can submit 200km events as ACP-sanctioned, if they choose.


An application had been received from Eric Larsen to become the RBA for the CA:Humboldt region. That application was reviewed, discussed, a motion was made to approve it, that motion was seconded and, after discussion, the motion carried.


An update was received on the status of the creation of a RUSA members-only listserv.


The final order of business was that the Rules Committee had proposed verbiage for the implementation of electronic proof of passage for permanents and this verbiage had been circulated by email and discussed. Further discussion of the Rules Committee’s proposed verbiage was had, a motion was made to adopt it, that motion was seconded, and the motion carried. The rule change would be publicized to the membership. The President appointed Greene as the point-person for questions related to electronic proof of passage.


The meeting was adjourned at 2152 EST.


Next meeting: October 4, 2017, at 2000 EST; next regular meeting on October 11, 2017, at 2000