Rules for Unpaved Distance

These provisions cover rides whose assigned routes include unpaved distance, both in terms of credit for unpaved distance, and extra time allowance for finishing.

Unpaved Distance

  • An event's official unpaved distance is the unpaved distance of the route in the Routes Database at time results are submitted.
  • A permanent route's official unpaved distance is the unpaved distance of the route in the Permanent Routes Database at time results are submitted.

Unpaved Distance Credit

Finishers accrue RUSA unpaved distance credit for all RUSA rides except for Team Events (as of now). 

Ride Type Code(s)
No Yes ACP-sanctioned brevets ACPB
No Yes Randonneurs Mondiaux-sanctioned grand randonnées RM
No Yes Audax (UAF-sanctioned) events UAFB and UAFJ
Opt.* Yes RUSA-sanctioned brevets and populaires RUSAB and RUSAP
No** Yes SR600 Permanents (Provence Randonneurs sanctioned) ACPT
No** No Team Events (Flèches, Arrows, Darts, Dart Populaires) ACPF and RUSAF
Yes Yes RUSA Permanents and Permanent Populaires RUSAT

* It's the RBA's option whether to allow extra time.
** Not currently, but may in future.

Extra Time Allowance and Intermediate Checkpoints

RUSA-sanctioned brevets and populaires (event types RUSAB and RUSAP, respectively) - at the RBA's option - and RUSA Permanents allow extra time to finish based on unpaved distance. 

  • Intermediate checkpoints have no opening and closing times. For other event types (ACP-, RM-, and UAF-sanctioned brevets), intermediate checkpoints - if timed - have the same opening and closing times they would have for a route with no unpaved distance.
  • Extra time allowed to finish is based on the total official unpaved distance. Each unpaved kilometer adds 1 minute to the finish time cutoff. So a 200 km brevet with 50 km unpaved would allow 50 extra minutes to finish.