Privacy Policy

RUSA respects your privacy. RUSA does not provide or sell its membership data to any other organization.

The following table summarizes what information RUSA collects from members and what data are considered 'public' and 'private'.

Public Information Private Information
  • your RUSA membership number
  • your name
  • your gender
  • your city, state/province, and country
  • your club affiliation, if any
  • your membership expiration date
  • your street address
  • your telephone number(s)
  • your birthdate
  • your e-mail address
  • other members in your household
  • your membership preferences

RUSA provides a search engine on its web site that displays some of the public fields associated with your membership.

RUSA does not share private membership data, except with RUSA officials for use only in the performance of their RUSA duties. (Note that any information that you provide directly to a local club or RBA in connection with your participation in randonneuring events sponsored by that club or RBA will be governed by the privacy policy of that club or RBA, if any.)

When you participate in a randonneuring event, the organizer is obliged to provide your results to RUSA. Your results consist of the following:

  • your RUSA membership number, if a member
  • your name
  • details on the event you participated in (distance, date, route, ...)
  • your finish time, if you finished
  • the names of other members of your team (if a team event)
  • whether you ordered a medal or not (if applicable)
  • your gender (if an ACP or RM event)

All of your results are considered public information and these are available through a public search engine on the RUSA web site.

When you participate in an international event such as PBP or are awarded certain honors such as the R-5000 award, RUSA may display your gender and age (not birthdate) in lists of participants or award recipients.

The membership data privacy policy applies to all members, including RUSA volunteers. RUSA volunteers include members of the Board of Directors, RBAs, committee chairs, Permanent Route Owners, etc. However, by necessity, contact information for RUSA volunteers (street address, telephone, e-mail, ...) is public. All RUSA volunteers are given the option to use a different set of contact information for their official duties than they use for their personal membership. Contact information in the membership database is kept private while contact information in the RUSA volunteers ("officials") database is public.