November 26, 2019 Board Meeting




Held November 26, 2019


A meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order by the president at 1705 PST.

The Directors in attendance were:

• Debra Banks

• John Lee Ellis

• Nigel Greene

• Lois Springsteen

• Tim Sullivan

• Dave Thompson

Pete Dusel, incoming RBA Liaison for 2020, attended the meeting and board member John Capn Ende was absent.

A motion was made and passed to approve the meeting minutes from October 30, 2019.

A motion was made and passed to approve an e-vote in email that confirms commitment to print editions of American Randonneur in 2020.

Discussion of our pending insurance applications and possibilities was held. ASI offered a plan to insure all of our events except for permanents, beginning December 3rd. No other offers are available for consideration. The annual fee of $57,000 is considerably more expensive than this year which was 30% more expensive than 2018. This policy requires a waiver update and would not cover Arizona. RUSA membership for event participants is required and minors would be prohibited from riding.

Ways of sharing the cost with the local regions and coordinating benefits with regions that are already insured with policies of their own were discussed. The search for a policy that would cover our permanents program will continue.

Tim Sullivan provided an update on our litigation situation for the Romo and Starr cases. We have acquired a new attorney for the Romo case. Our existing attorney for Romo will resign and return any unused retainer funds. The parties in both cases are trying to schedule a global mediation in January prior to the hearing on Starr's motion for summary judgment which is calendared for January 8, 2019.

The meeting was adjourned at 1832 PST with plans to meet in early December.