November 1, 2017 Board Meeting




Held NOVEMBER 1, 2017



A regular meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order at 2001 EDT by the President.


The following Directors were in attendance:

  • Debra Banks
  • John Lee Ellis
  • Nigel Greene
  • Susan Otcenas
  • Paul Rozelle
  • Lois Springsteen
  • Dave Thompson


No others were in attendance. 


The minutes from the special meeting of October 4, 2017, and the regular meeting of October 18, 2017 were approved.


Following approval of the minutes from these two meetings, a report was received from the Treasurer. The report and ensuing discussion included the current financial status and, especially, membership renewals, which were noted to be especially strong in October although membership totals remained down approximately 7% year-to-year. Discussion was also had on the accounting methodology and that we would be using a cash-basis again for tax filing this year. 


The status of the ongoing election was discussed, including the upcoming deadline, the total number of ballots received, and reminders to vote that would be sent prior to the deadline.


Next, an issue that had been raised and discussed previously — permitting those participating in workers’ rides to participate in a randonnée on the date of the event for which they did the workers’ ride — was discussed. Further discussion would be had by email.


Discussion was then had concerning medals for the SR600 and that some organizers individually provided medals unique to their events. Discussion was had on whether there should be a RUSA-offered SR600 medal.


The 20th Anniversary medal was then discussed, including design, cost, and distribution logistics. Discussion was further held concerning the specific time during which a qualifying anniversary event would need to take place for a participant to be medal-eligible. A motion was made for events held from August 13-19, 2018, to qualify for an anniversary medal. The motion was seconded, discussed, voted on, and passed. Further discussion was then had about the cost and financial impact of the medals on RUSA, RBAs, and event participants. Further discussion would be had by email.


An update was received concerning additional apparel offerings, including sizing information, design, and color selection.


The Board had received a number of award proposals over the year which were taken up for discussion and consideration. The merits of each were discussed extensively, with an emphasis on not only the benefit to the members of implementing a new award program, but the impact on RUSA’s volunteers to track and administer the new award programs and, especially, the impact that additional awards might have on participation in other award programs or on certain kinds of randonneés. It was noted that the Ultra Cup was already approved for 2017 and it was ultimately decided that the additional proposals would be considered in 2018, first via the Awards Committee, after feedback and suggestions were given to those who made the submissions.


A report was received concerning the reduction of antiquated items in the RUSA Store. Discussion was also had about whether to use a fulfillment service to administer some of the RUSA Store items rather than volunteers. This would continue to be investigated and would be discussed further on receipt of additional information and a proposal.


Finally, the insurance renewal on December 1, 2017, was discussed, including that American Specialty had declined to quote us and, therefore, we would be continuing coverage with Starr, from whom we were awaiting a renewal quote.


The meeting was adjourned at 2208 EST.


Next meeting: December 6, 2017, at 2000 EST