Membership Policy


Membership in Randonneurs USA is on a calendar year basis.

The expiration date of a membership is based on the date on which the membership dues are received:

  • a one-year membership received January - August takes effect immediately and expires at the end of the current calendar year;
  • a one-year membership received September - December expires at the end of the following calendar year;
  • one, two, and three-year terms are offered.

Hint: if you join RUSA for one year on August 31st, your membership will last just 4 months until the end of the year; however, if you delay until September 1st, your membership will last 16 months.


Randonneurs USA reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership for individuals who have:
  • demonstrated a lack of respect for randonneuring regulations and conventions;
  • conducted themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner at randonneuring events; or
  • disparaged randonneuring or Randonneurs USA.

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