Member Benefits


All amateur cyclists can ride and enjoy randonneuring brevets regardless of their club affiliation (or lack thereof). Nevertheless, there are many good reasons to join Randonneurs USA (RUSA).

  1. Members get a quarterly journal devoted to the sport of randonneuring.
  2. Only members can purchase commemorative medals and other awards from the Audax Club Parisien (ACP) upon completion of a brevet.
  3. Only RUSA members are eligible to earn prestigious yearly randonneuring awards from RUSA and the ACP.
  4. Each RUSA member's yearly results are automatically tabulated and posted on the RUSA website. This can be useful for showing qualifying ride completion for members intending to enter international 1200km events such as Paris-Brest-Paris.
  5. The Audax Club Parisen insists that all American entrants to Paris-Brest-Paris be RUSA members on or before the date of their first qualifying brevet.
  6. Apparel, reflective items, and other merchandise from the RUSA store is available only to our members.
  7. Another reason to join RUSA is that it is a good thing to do. The organization is vital to promoting the sport in the US. Behind the scenes we work to help the event organizers, help develop routes and events, provide insurance to the local clubs, etc.

Most of all, joining RUSA shows that you are among the hardy cyclists who are building a future for randonneuring in the USA.

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