May 13, 2020 Board Meeting




Held May 13, 2020


A meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order by the president at 17:01 PDT.

The Directors in attendance were:

• Debra Banks

• Pete Dusel

• John Lee Ellis

• John Ende

• Lois Springsteen

• Tim Sullivan

• Dave Thompson



A motion was made and passed to approve the meeting minutes for April 8, 2020

The following e-vote was approved on a motion by Tim and seconded by Dave:

Authorizing Dave to bind a new insurance policy with McKay Insurance by May 1, 2020 and canceling the existing insurance policy with ASI.

Lois presented a treasurer’s report including a Statement of Financial Position Comparison, a Statement of Activity, and a cash flow analysis for 2020. Lois stated that currently there is little revenue since events are not being held due to the pandemic. The Board needs to consider ways to generate income.

Tim reported on the ongoing litigation. It is unknown if Starr’s motion for summary judgment presently set for June 10, 2020 will be conducted with attorneys appearing personally due to the Court closure in Texas or by electronic means. If the Court will not presently allow in person hearings the parties may mutually request a continuance.

Dave reported on insurance. RUSA now has a policy issued from McKay insurance. Dave states that RUSA should receive a refund from ASI for the unearned premium as a result of the cancelation of that policy.

With the new insurance policy RUSA can resume a permanents program but in a different format. Deb reported on the work of the permanents committee comprised of Crista Borras, John Lee and Deb more thoroughly outlined in an email that she had earlier sent to the Board. Dave made a motion to proceed with creating the new permanents program with details to follow that was seconded and passed. Dave will send an email to RBAs notifying them that a new program will be forthcoming. Deb will send an email to the perms list notifying permanents owners that RUSA is working on a new permanents program.

There was discussion on how to create a permanents route library either from the submission of routes with ridewithgps routes or using the existing routes on the RUSA website and converting those routes to a new routes library or a combination of both. Dave proposed that an existing route owner, if the owner did not want to submit the route meeting the standards to be established, could submit a route and then would have 6 months to revise and if the route was not revised, then it would be removed from the routes library.

There was discussion on the registration and waiver process to be implemented for a member to ride a permanent.

Cap’n reported on the Pandemic Response Committee and its recommendations as set forth in an email from the committee. After discussion the Board unanimously agreed that RUSA will not sanction any events in the month of June. Dave will prepare a notice to the RBAs to be sent by May 15, 2020.

John Lee reported on the work by the Web Team in a written report to the Board. This included the gender options being implemented, PayPal integration for RBA event insurance fees, new permanents support, three-tiered test-dev-pro-environments, database transition, code freshening, web framework, and fixing links on the award pages..

Dave raised having a goggle group on the website for providing members with international and national randonneuring news that may be of interest to members and will resend an example to the Board.

Deb discussed the extension of the RUSA Cup qualification period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Dave moved that if the year 2020 is in the period of time for a member to qualify then the member has 3 year qualification period rather than 2 years. The motion was passed.

Further discussion on revising the posting of the Rando Scout Award on the website, 3-day calendaring of events, and the Handbook rewrite were tabled for discussion at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 19:32 PDT.