May 12, 2021 Board Minutes





Held: May 12, 2021


A meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by Zoom/ telephone conference and called to order by the President at 17:03 PDT.

The Directors in attendance were:

• Debra Banks

• Dan Driscoll

• John Lee Ellis

• Rob Hawks

• Dawn Piech

• Tim Sullivan

• Dave Thompson

The following e-votes were approved: Approval of Pete Dusel’s 1200 km randonee and the revision of Article 8 of the Rules for Riders which will now read as follows:


Organizers may staff checkpoints with event officials, who can provide proof of passage on the rider's brevet card. For checkpoints with no event staff present, the following proofs of passage are possible:

  • staff annotation at establishments, or store receipts, including time and date of passage;
  • postcard mailed from the checkpoint, inscribed with the rider name and checkpoint information (location, time, and date);
  • the answer to a question posed on the brevet card, discoverable at the checkpoint location;
  • a receipt from an ATM or other automated device that includes time, date, and location;
  • photo incorporating date and time taken and including the rider and an identifying artifact from the location;
  • data from a GPS or other location device that includes location and time of passage.

The organizer determines the option(s) to be allowed for a given checkpoint. For example, a checkpoint might allow for clerks at an establishment to fill in the card during business hours, while a question or photo could be used at other times. For photo and automated checkpoints, the organizer should make reasonable accommodation for riders who are not carrying a camera, ATM card, GPS tracking device, etc.

An organizer may elect types of proof of passage for the entire route that do not require a brevet card but a card should always be made available to riders.  When a brevet card is used, it should be inscribed with the time of passage, and the date for events extending beyond the starting day, for every checkpoint. 



A motion was made and passed to approve the meeting minutes for April 14, 2021

Dan had circulated financial reports consisting of a Statement of Activity YTD Comparison and a Statement of Financial Position Comparison that were reviewed.

Regarding the litigation Tim reported that the insurance companies were in a mediation between them on May 7, 2021 and are continuing discussions. A global mediation is still calendared for May 27, 2021. Tim will prepare a pre-mediation report to the Board.

Rob reported on his actions as the RBA liaison. More regions began hosting events in April and May, including two regions with new RBAs. He has been dealing with ACP calendaring of events. He sent out emails to 38 new members who did not list that they were affiliated with a region or the regions club to determine if they wanted to be contacted by a RBA of their choosing. The initial response was positive and Rob believes it would be worthwhile to create a method of setting forth if a new member would like to be contacted by a RBA when they register. Rob will send a request to the Web Team to develop a method of connecting a new member with a RBA of the member’s choosing. There was then a discussion of naming routes and at some point in time developing an event route library on the website.

John Lee provided an update on the activities of the web team. This included tentative work and design estimates, phased rollout for implementation of Audax rides, the Can-Am awardee list is now on the website, work is beginning on updating the awardee pages to a standardized format, most of the coding for trace results support has been completed, and determining how to handle an early perm result warning if a member submits a result sooner than the time of registration and riding time.

Dave reported that we have used up the amount of events that were covered by the initial premium payment and we will start to make a monthly insurance payment. Dave will be provided a summary of the insurance to the RBAs for their information.

Dan had posted a request for volunteers for the advertising committee and received some responses. Dave will send out request for volunteers to look for a vendor who can supply RUSA jerseys on an individual order basis and another volunteer to create social media posts for RUSA.

Dan led the discussion on the distribution of Rando Scout patches that RUSA is obtaining. After discussion of various options it was tabled for further discussion until the web team can provide an estimate on how long and what will be required to create an ordering process for the patches similar to how other awards are distributed.


The Board then discussed a revision to Article 7 of the Rules for Riders. A motion was passed to revise the Rule so it will now read as follows:


Article 7

A brevet card and a cue sheet indicating the route and the location of the checkpoints will be made available to each rider before the start of the event, in paper or electronic form.  Organizers may also include unannounced checkpoints along the route. Every rider must obtain proof of passage at each checkpoint unless a detour precludes transiting a given checkpoint.

Detours are permitted when a road is closed, or is not safely or legally passable by cyclists (e.g., in some construction zones).  In such situations the rider should first attempt to contact the ride organizer to obtain permission to take a detour.  If the rider detours without permission, the rider must report the route deviation to the organizer at the rider's first opportunity.  If a detour is taken, the rider(s) and organizer are responsible for ensuring that the rider(s) have completed the required event distance.  In all other cases, if a rider leaves the route, he or she must return to the route at the same point prior to continuing, ie. no shortcuts or detours from the route.

Dave will be preparing a communication regarding permanents regarding results submission to the effect that a member needs to register and sign the waiver before doing the ride. John Lee will review whether the web team can add that warning to the permanents page.

Tim discussed the implementation of a one event membership. There was discussion as to whether this should be just a one event membership or a one week membership. On a motion the Board approved the concept and the next step will be for the web team to determine how this can be implemented.


Dawn had provided a report to the Board on her work as the incident liaison, membership/women initiatives, creation of a monthly social media RUSA Braking news to members. On the membership women initiatives she has created a private Facebook group and she will be circulating a link to be distributed to women to join

The meeting was adjourned at 19:2 PDT