May 1, 2019 Board Meeting




Held May 1, 2019


A meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order by the president at 1705 PDT.

The following Directors were in attendance:

• Debra Banks (arrived at 1730 PDT)

• John Lee Ellis

• John Capn Ende

• Nigel Greene

• Jake Kassen

• Lois Springsteen

• Tim Sullivan

• Dave Thompson

A Motion was made and passed to approve the meeting minutes from April 10, 2019.

A Motion was made and passed in email to confirm Tim Sullivan to replace Jake Kassen who resigned as RBA Liaison. This action and vote was confirmed during the meeting. 

A financial report was distributed prior to the meeting. Some cash has been committed to lawyer retainers. The Treasurer also reported that the insurance company will not list regions as individually insured. RUSA will contract directly with those RBAs requiring Certificates of Insurance for regional events.

The RBA Liaison presented the application for a new RBA in Pittsburgh and discussion was held. MOTION: to approve De’Anna Caligiuri’s application to take over the Pittsburgh region with the normal probationary stipulations for a new RBA. Passed.

The president presided over discussions of some very short reports:

  1. The Perm Waiver was updated on the site. There’s also a new Perm Application that will be placed online as a separate document.
  2. The RBA Liaison reported on regions that are possibly in transition to new RBAs for next year.
  3. Incorporation of the Photo/ATM proof of passage into our rules for BRM events was discussed. There was general agreement about referring this to the Rules Committee for verbiage.
  4. There’s nothing new to report on the ROMO v. RUSA lawsuit.
  5. PBP Topics were discussed and a pre-registrant list has been posted.

The meeting was adjourned at 1850 PDT