July 13, 2018 Board Meeting




Held July 13, 2018

A meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order at 1708 PDT by the President. 

The following Directors were in attendance:

• John Lee Ellis

• Nigel Greene

• Jake Kassen

• Lois Springsteen

• Dave Thompson

Debra Banks and John Capn Ende were absent.


The minutes from the June 13, 2018 board meeting were approved.

The Treasurer distributed financial reports for the board to review prior to the meeting. A brief discussion of membership numbers was had. In 2014 we had 4,600 members which was higher than now. In 2013 we had 4,300 members.

Discussion of the 20th Anniversary memorabilia was held. A volunteer has the patches and will send those with store orders. Medals will be done in early August for distribution to RBAs, so everything is going according to plan. Announcements to the RBA list will be done as needed. Since the jersey is a limited time order, the jersey and the caps will be more prominently featured on our website. The Membership Chair reported that he had posted a jersey and caps reminder to RUSA’s Facebook page.

Discussion of the active 1200k season was held. The Treasurer, an active participant in these, will do a written report on the ones he has done and perhaps an article for American Randonneur

The waiver update progress was reviewed. The committee has prepared a recommended waiver for RUSA use based on the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) waiver. This waiver will be offered to the regions and their RBAs. As a matter of policy, RBAs must include RUSA as a protected, indemnified party. This waiver will be required to be used by perm owners.

WAIVER ACTION ITEMS: 1 – Post the revision to our site as a download and include a checkbox for members to acknowledge the waiver, 2 – Publish a guidance write-up for waiver use. 3 – Send notes to Perm and RBA Lists. 4 – Update RBA Procedures to reflect this policy.

The “mixed terrain” committee chair indicated there has been no recent discussion on the topic.

It was reported by the President that the Awards Review Committee is in the process of being formed.

The RBA Liaison will poll the RBAs on the idea of RUSA offering a Trace Nationale and the President will discuss our questions about the event with the ACP’s administrator of the event.

The RBA Liaison reported the sad passing of Marcello Napolitano after a long battle with lung cancer. He was RUSA member #3208 and an administrator of the “randon” Google group.

The President reported that the transition to a new Routes Committee Chair has gone well and that the brevet routes application has been simplified with the goal of having a more streamlined policy for route approval. The RBA Liaison will communicate policy changes to the RBAs as necessary.

The meeting adjourned at 1844 PDT.