December 6, 2017 Board Meeting




Held DECEMER 6, 2017



A regularly scheduled meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order at 2003 EST by the President.


The following Directors were in attendance:

  • Debra Banks
  • John Lee Ellis
  • Nigel Greene
  • Susan Otcenas
  • Paul Rozelle
  • Lois Springsteen
  • Dave Thompson


John Ende and Jake Kassen, directors-elect, were also in attendance. 


The minutes of November meeting, which had been circulated prior to this meeting, were voted on following discussion and were approved following a seconded motion.


Next, a vote was taken to confirm a vote that had occurred by email to approve the acceptance of the insurance policy and payment of the applicable premium for 2018. After discussion, the motion was made, seconded, and passed. Following the vote, additional discussion was had about the declining number of insurers that were interested in writing RUSA’s policy, potential reasons for that, and steps to take to ensure that we continue to receive a competitive rate and that we have options available for obtaining insurance coverage. It was noted that RUSA has never had a claim against our liability insurance.


The Treasurer’s report was received next, including information on membership and renewals, with the observation that total membership continued to show a decline of approximately 7% over the prior year. Discussion was had about publishing a year-end financial statement in the Spring issue of American Randonneur.


Following the Treasurer’s report, a motion was made to eliminate the yearly requirement that all RBAs submit a sample of the waiver that they were using to the Insurance Chairperson, and that this requirement pertain only to new RBAs. The motion was seconded and, following discussion, voted on and passed.


Discussion was then had about a proposal to change the rules for permanents enabling a route to be started at any timed control and ridden in any direction, with the permission of the organizer. A motion to adopt the rule change was made, seconded, and passed.


RUSA awards were discussed next, including design of the Ultra RUSA Cup.


The RBA procedures manual was discussed next, with respect to edits and changes to conform the manual to existing rules and procedures.


A report was next received concerning the state of the RUSA store, including discussion about third-party fulfillment services, direct-purchase options, and items that RUSA might continue to stock itself even were third-party vendor solutions adopted. Discussion was had on the current state of jersey design and options for additional apparel.


Planning for the 20th Anniversary was discussed next, including medals (design and logistics of distribution), qualifying events, potential apparel offerings, financial impact on RUSA, and content for upcoming issues of American Randonneur.


The meeting was adjourned at 2225 EST.


Next meeting: January 10, 2018, at 2000 EST.