Board Meeting Minutes December 16, 2020





Held: December 16, 2020


A meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by Zoom/ telephone conference and called to order by the President at 17:11 PST.

The Directors in attendance were:

• Debra Banks

• Pete Dusel

• John Lee Ellis

• John Ende

• Lois Springsteen

• Tim Sullivan

• Dave Thompson

Also in attendance were Dan Driscoll, Rob Hawks and Dawn Piech who will be Board members in 2021.

A motion was made and passed to approve the meeting minutes for November 4, 2020.

Dave reported on the elections. Dan Driscoll and Dawn Piech were elected to the open positions on the Board and Rob Hawks was elected as the RBA Liaison. Dave reported that approximately 20% of the members voted on the open positions. 42 RBAs voted in the RBA liaison election.

Lois presented a treasurer’s report including a Statement of Financial Position Comparison, a Statement of Activity, a Statement of Activity year to date comparison, a cash flow projection for 2021. There was a discussion regarding sending a message to members who have not renewed their membership. Rob and Lois will work on a preparing a message to members.

Tim reported on the ongoing litigation. The insurance companies are still in communication with each other. Lois’ and Richard Cavin’s depositions were held on December 15, 2020 and Mr. Romo’s deposition was taken on December 15, 2020. Trial in the Romo case is now scheduled for September 13, 2021.

John Lee reported on the work of the Web Team. The team is finalizing the P-12 Series completion code. The team has prepared the code for the 2021 permanent program. Code for members who want to pursue a second American Explorer award after completing events in 50 states is being developed. John Lee will write an article for American Randonneur about how members can navigate the website to find information.

Cap’n is stepping down as the monitor of the RUSA Instagram account. There was discussion about creating a new volunteer position or committee as a Social Media Coordinator to coordinate and monitor not only the Instagram account but also the Facebook account and perhaps other social media sites. Dave will start by contacting one person to see if she would be interested in volunteering.

Lois raised the issue as to whether RUSA should start random audits of permanent results to verify that members are completing the rides within the rules. The Web Team will see if there is a method to randomly select recently completed permanents for audit. Then the Board will develop a plan to randomly audit permanent results.

Dave raised the status of 2021 events and the continued impact of the pandemic. He will contact the ACP to determine the policy on scheduling flèches in 2021. There was discussion on whether the Board should provide guidelines for RBAs to follow in accordance with their regions laws and regulations.

Dave raised the items that the Board will need to consider at the next meeting to be held on January 13, 2021 including the American Randonneur Award, election of officers and 2021 projects that the Board should undertake including the review of the election projects.

A member has requested that the Board intercede regarding an RBA who has denied him entry into events in the region. Pete will contact the RBA and the member.

The Board thanks Cap’n, Lois and Pete for their time, work and energy on serving on the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 19:09 PST