Ultra Randonneur Award

The Ultra Randonneur Award is for RUSA members who have ridden ten (10) Super Randonneur SR series. A series can be an ACP SR series of events (ACP brevets of 200 km, 300 km, 400 km or 600 km), but RUSA and RM events can also be used, and longer events can substitute for shorter ones. The ten qualifying series do not need to be in consecutive years, nor is there a time limit on how long it takes to accumulate the ten SR series. Note that it is possible to earn more than one SR series per year, making it possible to earn this award in fewer than ten seasons.

What events qualify?

  • Riders can apply with a combination of ACP brevets, RUSA brevets, and RM-sanctioned 1200k events
  • Team events and permanents do not count.
  • A series may consist of the ACP Super Randonneur SR events (ACP brevets of 200 km, 300 km, 400 km or 600 km). But longer events can also be substituted for shorter ones. For example, a RUSA 230k brevet could be used in lieu of an ACP 200k brevet; a 1000k brevet or RM-sanctioned 1200k event could be used in lieu of a shorter event missing from the normal sequence.
  • Riders must have been RUSA members at the time of each counting event (except events completed prior to 1999)
  • Non-US ACP and RM brevets can be used provided that these non-US events account for no more than 50% of the rides counted towards this award.

RUSA congratulates the riders who earned and applied for the Ultra Randonneur Award.

Apply for this award online.

Ultra Randonneur medal