Randonneur 5000

In 1961, the Audax Club Parisien created the Randonneur 5000 award to recognize finishing ACP and Randonneurs Mondiaux events totaling at least 5000km within a four-year period. To qualify for this award, the randonneur must complete:

  • a full series of ACP brevets (200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000km) [longer brevets cannot be substituted for shorter ones];
  • a Paris-Brest-Paris randonnée;
  • Flèche Vélocio, or other ACP-sanctioned flèche (your team of at least three vehicles - bicycles, trikes, etc. - must finish officially); and
  • additional ACP and/or RM events to bring the total distance up to at least 5000 km.

Some additional French events can also be used as qualifying rides. See the ACP rules for details.

The qualifying events must be completed within a four-year period, beginning on the date of the first qualifying event, except that the ACP has extended the deadline two years for those who are counting PBP'19 towards the award.

Applications for a each year's submission by RUSA to the ACP will be accepted through October 15. Fee: $10. Applications received after that deadline may be held by RUSA until the following year.

Applications must include the homologation numbers for each qualifying ride. (For PBP'15 and later, this will be your ​​plate number, which is displayed in the online application form.)

If you are depending on later-season events - including PBP - to complete your award qualification and results processing by ACP or RM has not been completed for those events, you will need to wait until the following year to apply.

Apply for this award online.

The Randonneur 5000 award is an ACP award. RUSA acts as intermediary for handling applications and payments. To receive this honor, you must purchase the award (purchase and payment are managed through the RUSA store). There is no way to receive this honor without purchasing the award.

After the application period has closed, RUSA batches up the applications submitted, ensures that each one is accompanied by a payment, and sends these to the ACP. This is done just once per year, so missing the application or payment deadline will delay your award until at least the following year. Awards are processed by ACP at the end of the calendar year and are received and distributed to awardees in the first quarter of the following year.

RUSA extends its congratulations to the US riders who have received this special award.

Randonneur 5000 medal